Every good home should consider an air source heat pump but there are lots of factor should be taking care before go for installing one. Comparing to an electric energy devise; an air source heat pump is able to deliver 3 times more efficient energy. You can look into heat pump glossary for more information.


  • If you are looking for satisfaction with an efficient heat and water producing machine, you should consider ai air source heat pump that can makes your life comfortable.
  • Lots of heating devices are available in the market but an air source heat pump can entertain you very efficient cost.
  • It has a great life and you can relax and give it to your step son or daughter. As long as maintenance is consider many such devices can cost you drastic value while with air heat pump you just don’t need to worry at all.
  • Apart from heating the house it can deliver you heat water and also cool air in the summer when you are wanting.
  • It is pretty easy to install and just need a sig within the garden and doesn’t give a bad look.

There are a few types of air source heat pumps available and you can choose one depending upon your requirement. You should also need to look into benefits of installing an air heat pump.

“Air to Water” heat pump

Most of the houses in UK have this system, which allows centralized heat and heat water. Generally, this is one o the most popular in UK and this is very cost friendly as well.

“Air to Air” heat pump

Like the name suggests this system produces hot air and delivers to the entire house but you can’t expect hot water with this system. A few people in UK have this system installed.

An air source heat pump costs more than a oil based or gas based central heating system. However, there are additional installation fees with the air source heat pump. Besides, it has a long life and doesn’t cost much with the maintenance.