As the price of real estate skyrockets, a lot of people are downsizing their living spaces, so as to be able to afford their rent or mortgage.  Whether you live in a small house in the countryside or you live in a high-rise apartment or in a suburb in a big city, A+ Construction & Remodeling it is possible to make a small kitchen work if you keep a number of things in mind. Here are some major things that you should take into consideration when you are renovating your small kitchen.

Focus on the core function of the kitchen

The major role of the kitchen is for meal preparation. So make sure that your kitchen allows you to perform this basic task. Forget about other things that you might want to do in the kitchen, such as sorting out your mail or doing your laundry. To focus on the core function of the kitchen, have the appliances that you need to cook and the utensils that you need to serve the food and eat. This includes a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, stove and plates, cups and cutlery. Consider getting a scaled down version of the appliances instead of buying big appliances. This will save you a lot of square footage.

Go for an open kitchen

A small kitchen can be quite claustrophobic. Consider opening it up by taking down the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room or living room. This works best if you own the property that you live in. However, if you are renting the space, consider using open cupboards and shelves. Using open shelves is a great way to show off your utensils in an artistic way and it gives the illusion of more space.

Use glass to give the illusion of space

Since glass allows you to see through objects, its gives the illusion of space. You can use glass countertops, glass cabinet doors and even glass doors.  You can also consider adding mirrors to the room. This will help to lighten up the room and make it look bigger.

Renovate the flooring

Changing the flooring of your kitchen can dramatically change the ambience. This is because the floor takes up lots of space. The key is to use attractive flooring that will draw the eye, while making the room brighter and making it look bigger. For instance, linoleum flooring is an inexpensive choice but it can make the room look bigger and brighter, especially if you use it in checkerboard black and white. Another good option is using a marble floor. This is quite viable given that the room size is small. Cork is another good alternative for flooring, given that it is properly sealed, so that water doesn’t sip into it and make it expand.

Vertical storage spaces

Since there are a lot of things that need to be stored in the kitchen, storage is quite important. Make use of vertical storage, so as to maximize space. This means stacking up shelves and counters as high as you can.