The holidays are undoubtedly a hectic time for any home. It appears much more challenging to keep your home clean throughout the holiday, too– however, with these five ideas, you’ll take pleasure in an organized and cleaner house so you can concentrate on the things that honestly matter– like spending quality time with friends and family.

Don’t Forget To Vacuum/Sweep Underneath Your Tree

If you chose to have a fresh cut tree in your home, you understand the difficulty of pine needles. Even if you keep your tree correctly watered, pine needles will begin to fall from the branches. Once on the floor, they stay with your socks or shoes and will take a trip throughout your house– leaving little pine needles pretty much everywhere over time! Provide the area under and around your tree a quick daily vacuum to keep the pine needles under control. You may want to consider using a cordless vacuum for this, so you can effectively get all areas clean.

Clean the Kitchen After Baking

Before you begin baking Christmas cookies or any other holiday treats, empty the dishwashing machine. That way, your dishwasher will be ready for you to fill it back up with your dirty dishes as you use them so you can avoid the nasty dish pile-up in the sink that comes after baking.

Keep An Eye On What You Have In Your Refrigerator

As you head into the holidays, you’re most likely to have more leftovers and meal ingredients in the refrigerator than you would typically have. Take a few minutes to clean out anything you do not need before you start loading it up with holiday cooking items. If you’re thinking about hosting a big family dinner, think about getting disposable storage containers ahead of time. As you tidy up from the supper, give visitors leftovers to take home after the meal.

Clean As You Go

The holiday season is a special time of year for crafting and decorating. It’s also a season when mess tends to take over our houses. If you take craft materials out to make something with the kids, put it away as quickly as your crafting session is over. When you carry all of the holiday decorations out, put packages away till it’s time to load everything back up again. Stacking boxes around your home can make it look instantly more cluttered, unorganized, and normally messier than it needs to look. If you have decors that no longer look good or work appropriately, toss them! It will help keep your holiday decorations arranged.

Prevent the Winter Boot Mess

If you reside in an area with snow and sleet, or perhaps merely extreme rain, you know what a mess the winter season boots can make! Once you add an influx of house guest to this equation, if you’re not careful, you could be walking in puddles in your own home! Ask everybody to take their boots off before they come indoors. Then, if it’s cold, place the boots into plastic grocery bags (one per individual), so you can bring the boots inside and place them, bag and all, on your boot or welcome mat. The plastic bag will gather the snow and ice as it melts and keeps your home dry.