Turn Your Boring Half-Bath into a Glamorous Powder Room in Six Simple Steps

If you have a boring half-bath with just a few furnishings, it makes your whole house look a little duller. Simply putting a toilet and sink into a small room makes a half-bath, but it doesn’t take much more effort to turn this room into a glamorous powder room! Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Decide on a colour scheme and style

Surrounding rooms and other bathrooms can provide some ideas for designing your new powder room. You will want a colour scheme, style, or some key element to focus your design around. For some people, it might be a colourful painting they can hang on an empty wall and coordinate the bathroom around. Others might want to coordinate their bathroom with the glass and steel design scheme of the room outside. You can look through design magazines, real estate ads, or even your favourite shows for ideas.

Step 2: Choose your formality

A glamorous powder room is traditionally very formal. Materials involved include brocade window treatments, silk wallpaper, or chandelier light fixtures. Some people want a powder room that looks fresh and modern, while others would love a traditionally glamorous room.

Step 3: Look at a theme for the room

If you still can’t decide on a theme for the bathroom, consider what colours you’ve decided on and the formality level you want and use them to come up with a theme. For instance, if you love greens and golds but want it to be informal, you could take your inspiration from jungles or safari details and use khaki paint. If you want deep reds involved in the design and a formal powder room, consider a rich, deep red silk wallpaper, gold ornamental fixtures, and elegant sink or toilet designs.

Step 4: Replace your sink accordingly

One of the fastest ways to update a room is by removing an old sink and replacing it with a new one in the style you’ve chosen. Instead of a vanity, try a bureau-style sink for a modern look, a pedestal sink for more glamorous traditional powder rooms, or another style.

Step 5: Add a faucet that matches the sink

An elegant sink looks no good with a mismatched faucet. Invest in faucets that look suitably modern or ornate depending on the style of sink you have chosen. The right finishing touches here can excuse a lack of updates to other areas of the room.

Step 6: Finish the rest of the room accordingly

When you are happy with the sink and faucet, arrange the rest of the room around this chosen style. Light and window finishings, magazine racks, soap dispensers, or candles might offer the right touch. Wallpaper and paint can quickly revitalize any bathroom, or new flooring might be what you need.

A boring half-bath doesn’t have to drag down the finished appeal of the rest of your home. These six simple steps will help you choose a theme, renovate your bathroom around it, and find yourself with a glamorous powder room that you and your guests will enjoy.

Amy Parry is a retiree who loves to entertain house guests. In her free time, she enjoys renovating her old house and writing about what she learns in the process on various Internet blog sites.

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