Top Home Decor Ideas for 2017

If you’re looking to update your house with some trends for the new year, you’re in luck. This year, homes are being transformed with eye-catching decor pieces and furniture, bold colors, and a more traditional, homey feel. It’s never been more exciting to redo a room or two in your home.

These home decor ideas for 2017 will help you reimagine your favorite spaces in your home and give them some tweaks to make sure they don’t go out of style anytime soon.

Use Curtains On an Accent Wall

If you like the idea of an accent wall in your bedroom or living area but can’t quite commit to a specific color, that’s okay. In 2017, a trend we haven’t seen before is creeping up: Installing curtains on a wall to create the feel of an accent wall, without being as permanent.

The good thing about using curtains on the wall is that you can change them easily whenever you want to provide a different atmosphere. Change them once a year, once a month, or whenever you decide to redo your space. They’ll provide an eye-catching focal point and a dramatic backdrop to the artwork or photos you display on your wall.

Create a Comfort Nook

Homeowners are beginning to want less of an open floor plan and a little more division between living spaces in their homes. Although open floor plans allow a lot of great sight lines and socialization opportunities, they don’t provide a lot of privacy for family members.

A comfort nook is a great way to section off a small area in your living space or bedroom to create a more private, away-from-everything space. Using wing chairs or a built-in corner bench, create a cozy corner with seating, a plush rug, a calming plant, and an end table or two.

Add a couple of throw pillows and a cozy blanket, and you have yourself an inviting comfort nook to read or unwind.

Bring in Pieces with Character

Homeowners are beginning to invite in more of a farmhouse feel over a sleek, modern environment in their homes for the new year. So, if you like combing through flea markets, antique stores, and local shops for worn, vintage decor styles, 2017 is the year for you.

You can implement this trend in your home by searching for reclaimed furniture pieces, like a coffee table or bar stools. Select a few of your favorites, rather than using the style for a complete room. The key to making the “worn” style work is by pairing a few reclaimed pieces with some sleek finishes that complement each other.

Decorate with Jewels

Jewel tones, that is. Deep purples, greens, and blues are taking over the more neutral tones we’ve seen in homes the last few years. Just look at Benjamin Moore’s 2017 Color of the Year pick, Shadow. The beautiful, deep purple is sure to be a conversation starter if you use it in your home.

Paint Your Furniture

Wooden furniture comes in so many styles, it’s almost impossible for it not to be on trend at any given point. But, the trend for 2017 is painted furniture. Think: Bright whites, minty greens, and bold reds. The idea is to bring an unexpected pop of color to an otherwise dull piece of furniture.

With this trend, you can update your color as frequently as you want to, without needing new furniture pieces. So, whenever you feel your space needs a color update, paint your furniture to match.

Mix Cork and Glass

This year, we are likely to see a big jump in decor that mimics the environment. Green is a big color in 2017, for everything from furniture to walls. And, indoor gardens, climbing vines, and fresh flowers will all help to accent indoor living spaces.

Mixing cork and glass decor pieces together is an interesting way to combine an earthy-looking material with glass, which lets natural light shine through. The materials together create an eco-friendly vibe in your home.

Use a cork top for a glass table, or combine cork jugs with glass vases for a unique way to display flowers or plants. Create a cork wall near the dining room or kitchen that will function as both a central messaging system and a focal point in your home. Place a glass desk near the wall for a functional workspace.

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