Tips On How To Have Ageless Rattan Garden Furniture

Besides being one the most lightweight and flexible material used in making indoor furniture, rattan has the durability to endure the harsh outdoor elements for long periods of time with minimal maintenance — perfect for making outdoor furniture. Here are some of the most useful tips on how to add more years to any good quality or cheap rattan garden furniture sale and enjoy it as long as any other outdoor chairs and tables made of steel or wrought iron

Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Avoid using industrial strength cleaning solutions at all cost.  This type of cleaners generally contain a mixture of potent chemicals  damaging to rattan overtime and potentially reduce its lifespan. You can easily make a cleaning solution by diluting detergent with water which is not only as effective but also cheaper than most chemical based cleaners you can normally buy at home improvement and hardware stores today.

The Right Outdoor Location

Despite its generally resilient characteristic, rattan wood degrades faster when subjected to severe outdoor weather constantly. To minimize this effect, avoid placing the furniture where it’s directly exposed to the sun most of the day. Putting your rattan effect garden furniture in a shaded area help make it look as new as possible over the years and at the same time provide you with a conducive place to read a book, relax or entertain family and friends during mid- afternoons

Minimize Wear and Tear

A good way to keep the effects of wear and tear down to the minimum  is by attaching rubber stoppers to each of the furniture legs. These stoppers are cheap and very effective in preventing all sorts of friction damage associated with dragging or moving heavy objects such as a furniture on any floor surface.

Weather Protection

Aside from restoring the look of your rattan outdoor furniture, the lacquer finish also gives it a fresh layer of adequate protection against the biting winter cold, sizzling summer heat and the seasons in between. Start with washing down the furniture with the mild detergent solution to remove large, visible grime and dirt and then allow it to dry outdoors before removing any traces of lacquer finish on the wood surface with fine sand paper. Hose down with water and allow the furniture to dry one more before applying at least 3 even layers of varnish coating.

Keeping your rattan patio furniture in mint condition is a easy and can be a done as an annual family activity. Doing so rewards you with a seemingly ageless outdoor furniture sit you can enjoy whole year round over and over again.

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