Tips for Engineered Oak Flooring

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Choosing engineered oak flooring is definitely a wise decision but at the same time is a daunting task too if you do not have any knowledge about the different floorings available and how to go about making a choice of the best type of flooring. Before we get into the tips about selecting this engineered oak flooring let us look at some benefits this can offer.


  • These floorings are designed specifically for eliminating the damage caused by moisture.
  • Engineered flooring does not swap or swell due to climatic changes.
  • These are a preferred choice for many homeowners as the maintenance does not cost much.
  • Engineered floors can be installed easily on any sub-floor, be it vinyl floors or ceramic tiles.
  • Installation of these floors works out affordable.
  • Engineered floors are environmental friendly.
  • Due to low maintenance required by these floors, they can be installed in the kitchen also.

Tips to Be Considered for Engineered Flooring:

As you have a wide range of species wooden flooring available it is important to have some basic knowledge on the engineered flooring.

  1. The Different Layers:

As engineered flooring is made of multiple layers the cross structure needs to be strong for the required durability. The top layer is 100% hardwood, but you do have a choice of choosing the top layer made of strips of wood. This can work out cheaper. Quality can also be ensured with a single strip of wood used for the top layer. A thick layer allows the board to be sanded multiple times and this is long lasting too.

  1. Dimensions:

Engineered flooring is available in a wide range of widths and lengths. The effect created by the flooring depends on the length and the width chosen. Before making a choice you need to be aware that the narrow and short floorboards work out cheaper and can help you to save some money without any compromises on the quality of the floor. These narrow and shorter boards also offer more traditional feel. Where the long and wide boards are concerned, though more expensive but these are easier to install. These boards can also show more of the decorative grain of the flooring.

  1. Under-core:

Under-core is a term used for what lies beneath the oak board. This can determine the stability of the engineered flooring. You find these in different qualities. A good quality under core has hardwood ply of multi laminate, which adds to the total strength of the board. Spending on a quality under core is worthwhile investment especially for those who intend installing a heating system under floor.

  1. Finish:

Opting for engineered flooring you have a choice between the pre-treated floor boards or the untreated ones. The pre-treated boards are finished with specific lacquers or oils in a factory and the untreated ones can be treated on the site. The choice depends on the preference of a homeowner as both these types have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Before choosing any manufacturer of these engineered oak floors, ensure that they have a good reputation following them. This makes all the difference to the quality of the floor boards. You need to look for a manufacturer who can offer you the different choices in engineered flooring. This ensures you to make the right choice in accordance to your requirement and preference.

Conducting an online search is an easy way to go about this. You are given the freedom to compare the prices and services of the different manufacturers. Ensure to go through the ratings and reviews before opting for a specific manufacturer of engineered oak flooring.

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