Tips for an Ultra Organized Garage

If you have taken to parking your car on the street because you can’t get it into the garage, it might be time to think about organizing. These tips will help you bust your clutter in a hurry.

Sort through items in your garage and make piles – Throw away, Recycle or donate, and Keep. Take the throw away and recycle / donate items out of the garage immediately and deliver to the appropriate places before you change your mind and end up keeping unwanted clutter.

Get a locking cabinet for paint and chemicals. Toxic ingredients need to be locked up and inaccessible to children and pets.

Sort items into categories and designate an area (storage zones) for each of them – i.e. toys, household items, tools.

Hang pegboards on your garage walls. No more digging through drawers to find tools; they are all right out in the open and easy to find. Draw the outline of the tools on the pegboard so that you can see at a glance if one is missing.

Use old jars to hold nails, screws, and whatnots; screw the lid to the underside of a shelf and screw the jar into the top when not in use.

Put up hooks and hang ladders on garage walls or even ceilings.

Get a shelving system to keep clutter down and keep important items close to hand. Label containers – not the shelf! – where items are stored for an easy way to find what you need. Store frequently used items within easy reach and lesser-used items like holiday decorations on top shelves.

You may even want to consider pallet racking if you have many items that need to be stored in the garage. Pallet racking is designed to store items on pallets in horizontal rows with more than one level. Pallet racking will increase the storage density in your garage and will let you make the most of your space, while still leaving room to park your car or keep a workshop.

Use stackable bins for recyclable or donation items. When the bins are full, you can use a dolly to carry them either to the curb or to the vehicle that will take them to the donation center.

Use kitchen rolling carts for storage. Fill them with frequently used items, then store underneath workbenches or tables.

Mount bikes on walls to free up floor space.

Use wire baskets to store sporting equipment or balls.

The preceding tips will not only keep your garage looking neater, it will make your life much easier. No more digging through drawers and piles of junk to find what you need; everything is easily found and close to hand.

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