The Importance of Brand Names When Choosing Garden Power Tools

Garden power tools such as grass trimmers (or strimmers) and lawn mowers are just some of the most essential items in a do-it-yourself gardener’s repertoire. Vital when it comes to producing a neat edge and smooth turf, this modern equipment ranges in price and can vary from bargain basement to mind-numbingly over-the-top. Of course, when buying different types of power tools, consumers generally consider many facets.

First off, there’s the size of the lawn in question and the width of the trimmer. A rule of thumb, says that the bigger the width, the more grass the trimmer can clear in a single stroke. The same concept is applicable with mowers, as stated by The Art of Manliness. Secondly, there’s the choice between going electric or petrol. The former is easier to handle, yet restricts the user’s movements since it requires them to be near a power outlet. On the other hand, even though the latter is more powerful, it’s usually noisier and – not to mention – heavier.

These are two of the most significant things to think about before buying power tools for the garden. However, there’s one other consideration: the brand. A lot of hands-on horticulturists tend to look for a machinery manufacturer and rely on to it for all their power tool needs. They look at the brand name’s history, as well as its longevity and its variety. In the United Kingdom, contributor Adelaide Gray put a spotlight on a locally famous power tool company that she highly recommends.

The aforementioned article featured the pros and cons of choosing Mountfield products. Based on the piece, it’s mainly associated with garden tractors and leaf blowers, as well as grass trimmers and lawn mowers. Screwfix, the UK’s largest multi-channel retailer of trade tools, even claims that the brand has “a reputation of quality and reliability.” Now here’s where the so-called price-performance ratio comes into play.

Normally, consumers want to get as much bang for their buck as possible. Yet at the end of the day, most of them can’t help but take into account certain financial limitations and needs. MarTech has an interesting article that talks about the effects of a brand on buyer’s purchasing decisions. One key takeaway from said piece is the fact that if a brand’s presence increases over time, then driving the prospect through to conversion becomes simpler. In other words, this means that if firms such as Mountfield continue to impose their existence and excellence on the market, more and more people will trust towards their brand. This in turn, leads to better products from a price and a performance standpoint.

Relying on a particular brand is sort of intriguing and intimidating at the same time. On one hand, consumers have this lingering curiosity as to why this company is well received by many, that they need to try it out for themselves. On the flipside, it can be overwhelming, bearing in mind that there may be drawbacks such as overblown prices and/or awful quality. All things considered, whether or not a DIY gardener prefers an established brand, it’s imperative to do a lot of research and reflect on their outdoor area’s needs.

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