5 Ways to Prepare Your Pool for Summer

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Summer is so imminent; you can almost touch it. The endless sunny days are just around the corner, and everyone is excited. If you have a pool in your back garden, then you are probably even more enthusiastic. Before you settle back into months of pool parties and celebrations, here are five ways to prepare your pool for summer. Clean out the pool cover. Depending on where you live, over the winter and spring months, your pool or pool cover may have collected a significant amount of leaves, debris, or…

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5 Steps for Making Your Backyard Staycation-Friendly

If you don’t want to travel this year and just want to have a relaxing summer with your family, opt for a cool backyard staycation. But, if you want to have a fun and comfortable vacation, you need to make your backyard staycation-friendly first. Here’s how! Prepare your space You can’t have a pleasant backyard staycation if your garden is overgrown. However, if you just take a few days to prepare it, you’ll have a great and relaxing time. The first thing you need to do is weeding. Rid your…

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Are You Repairing Your Swimming Pool on a Regular Basis? Check Out These Five Awesome DIY Tips

If you have a swimming pool in your garden, then the chances are it is going to need regular maintenance and repairs. Calling in a specialist engineer is certainly an option. It is worth considering that an engineer is going to charge you somewhere in the region of £40-60 per hour plus parts. If you want to avoid this huge expense, then consider fixing some of the issues yourself. Heating Systems The UK is not exactly known for having great weather, which makes the heating system extremely important. If you…

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