Studio Apartment Space Saving Hacks

It can be a challenge to fit a full life into a studio apartment, but with the right furniture and some space saving hacks, you can find a place for everything without looking crammed in.

Minimal furniture

Studio apartments generally do not have room for large or full-size pieces of furniture. Exchange these for scaled-down, yet still functional alternatives. Consider an upholstered chaise lounge with comfortable pillows in place of a sofa or love-seat. Create a work-space for a laptop with a low-hanging shelf rather than a full-size desk. A high pub table or hanging dining bar and stools can seat four just as well as a full table and chairs. You can also substitute a small end table for a large coffee table.

Double-Duty Furniture

If you must have larger pieces of furniture, make sure they pull double duty by maximizing their wasted space. This means finding storage opportunities wherever feasible. Add pull-out bins or baskets under your bed, sofa and tables or install sliding wire racks or drawers under the lips of tables and the underside of shelves. You can also create double-duty seating, by fitting a comfortable pad atop a wooden or metal storage chest.

Kitchen Storage Hacks

Get as much as you can out of a small studio kitchen by making the most of wasted space. You can:

  • Hang utensils and gadgets on the inside of cabinets or along the exposed side of the fridge.
  • Take the knife block off the countertop by mounting a magnetic strip to hang knives on a wall or side of the fridge.
  • Add wire racks in cabinets or the pantry to maximize stacking places for dishes and food.
  • Mount the microwave and store coffee maker or other appliances above the counter on hanging shelves.
  • Stow away garbage and recycling under the sink on a pull-out sliding system.
  • Use magazine holders inside cabinets to organize food and other kitchen products, such as tin foil, plastic bags, and paper plates and napkins.
  • Hang pots and pans from hooks by mounting a towel rack on a wall, the side of an exposed cabinet or even the ceiling.

Interior Door Alternatives

Another way to cut down on wasted square footage is to exchange swinging interior doors with alternatives that open up space typically left vacant for a swinging door’s clearance. Replace your bathroom door with a sliding barn door. Remove closet doors and hang a fashionable curtain rod and curtain just above the closet door. This also hides the closet and gives the look of another window in your small space.

Space Saving Bathroom Hacks

Like the kitchen, the bathroom contains many small, cluttering items that need organization, especially in small apartments. You can:

  • Hang baskets with their bottoms to the wall to store folded towels, rolls of toilet tissue and other toiletries. An old wine rack will also work for holding rolled towels.
  • Install a wrap-around shelf or store baskets under a pedestal sink.
  • Mount a shallow shelf or divided box under the bathroom mirror above the sink to store toothbrushes, perfumes, makeup and lotions.
  • Hang a mesh shoe organizer on the inside of the shower curtain to store hair products, soap and shower gels.
  • Hang plastic baskets on inside of under-sink cabinet doors for makeup and other toiletries.

Lofted Bedding

One of the largest components of any studio apartment is the bed. There are several ways to minimize, convert or hide the bed—including futons, sofa beds and Murphy beds. A newer trend is to leave the bed as it is and simply elevate its placement. A lofted bed raises it on a platform, separating out the sleeping area and leaving all that floor space underneath.

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