Some Thoughts On Air Conditioning

In the journal Science, it has been recently published that researchers at Stanford University have developed a plastic-based textile material that in hot environments will keep the body cool. More specifically, the body will be cooled by 4 degrees Farenheit, using infrared light properties. However, it is unlikely that this innovative material, even though it will have an impact in the cooling and heating industry, will replace largely energy dependent traditional air conditioning systems. Take a look below at three reasons why this is so:

Better Air Quality

In addition to simply cooling, the quality of indoor air is improved by air conditioners by their eliminating compounds and contaminants that may cause harm to humans. In fact, a Royal Colleges of Physicians report states that in the UK annually, air pollution is the cause of approximately 40,000 deaths. Air pollutants that are associated with these deaths include nitrogen dioxide, second-hand smoke and volatile organic compounds(VOCs). Unfortunately, harmful pollutants can not be removed from the air by the Stanford University researchers body-cooling textile.

Comfortable Environment

Air conditioning systems enhance all-round comfort in indoor environments and are easy to control. As an example, indoor humidity is kept at all times at optimal levels. This is so vital because during increasingly hot summers, humidity can rise to very high levels. The truth is that UK weather forecasters are saying that September 2016 is going to be the hottest month in more than 100 years because blowing across the country will be a plume of hot air. In addition, productivity issues will be led to by working in a humid environment, since a humidity increase makes an environment feel even hotter than it actually is.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that traditional air conditioning systems are going to be around for a long time, in spite of the great strides being made by researchers developing textiles designed to cool the body. That is because in addition to maintaining a comfortable indoors environment, they continue to enhance indoor air quality. For all your air conditioning needs, contact Complete Cooling Systems Limited today!

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