Some exciting facts about Edge Banding

Have you ever seen how furniture has made? If you have, then you may also notice that there is a sharp edge left when they cut any wood for making furniture. So, this is the raw edge if it left uncovered, then it may cause many serious problems such as scratching your skin if someone stuck into it and also it allows the moisture to seep in. It makes the wood wrap and leads to lumpy. Edge bands were created to prevent such threatening issues. These edging tapes from Melamine are put on the ends of the raw wood wraps to wrap it properly and therefore, it seals from moisture. 

What do you need to know about edge banding? 

In simple words, it is a process that is used to covering all the raw edges of wood panels through a thin strip of PVC, resinous material, or wood. All the procedure is known as edge banding. The narrow strips are also known as edge bands. Commercially, heat applicators are used to do the edge banding in the industries along with a hot-melt adhesive. 

PVC is the most commonly used material for modular furniture which is ready to fix and lasts for a long time. 

Why did furniture need to have an edge band? 

With the help of engineering wood, modular furniture is made. So, the wood is treated as well as made to be wood-resistant through treatments. On the flip side, wood has a tendency to absorb water and this tendency cannot be removed but it can decrease with the help of an edge band. Edge banding prevents the wooden panels from moisture and also, reduces the tendency to atmospheric humidity effects and liquid spills. It means that the strength and durability of the wood spike up. Therefore, if the coffee spill on the table and drips down to the edge, then say a thank you to edge tapes from Melamine to protect the absorption.

How to apply edge banding? 

A thin strip of impervious PVC is known as edge banding and the professional cut it to fit the size for which it is required as per the wood panel. By using the strong adhesive, it is applied to the raw edge and then a heat roller is used to melt the adhesive and glue the edge band from melamine over the wood. The ends get trimmed and bent so that they will cover the wood and do not leave with any sharp edges. They scraped off any surplus glue and buffed the finished edge to provide a flawless finish. Edge bander is a machine that is used for this finishing touch. 

Bottom LineThere is a wide range of edge bands available in the market from pre-glued to 3D tapes. The choice of getting the best one is relying on the type of material of which your furniture is made up of. Choose the edge tapes from Melamine that is high quality and provide the best protection to the wood for a long time.

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