Self Build Conservatories – why build one of your own?

You can probably think of several reasons to enquire about self build conservatories but, in case you are struggling to do so, a number of reasons are covered below: –

Cost saving

The major reason why someone looks seriously at self build conservatories is quite simply because they are cheaper than paying a conservatory company to design, manufacture and install a tailor-made conservatory.

The biggest reason that self build conservatories are cheaper is because you will not have the labor costs of employing tradespeople to install the conservatory, lay the foundations and undertake any brickwork etc.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that the difference in cost can run into thousands of pounds with those funds potentially being used to pay for the cost of furnishing your new conservatory or paying for better quality materials such as a higher standard of glass.

Conservatory selection

You will be amazed at the selection of self build conservatories on the market these days-you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer a Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or a more traditional style there will almost certainly be one that you like.

The same style of conservatory can often come in a range of sizes to cater for whether it is required by a family looking for substantial extra living space or perhaps a retired couple just looking for another room that “brings their garden” into their living space.

By taking your time in selecting the style that you really want from a number of self build conservatories is potentially far better than inviting the salesperson of a conservatory company into your home who provide a design, build and installation service and who may possibly try and sell you a conservatory that you are not entirely happy with but that earns that person a very sizable bonus.

Satisfaction of a job well done

There are many people who can comfortably afford to pay a company to design, build and install a conservatory for them but they would rather choose a beautiful design from a range of self build conservatories and do the installation work themselves.

Why, you may ask, put all that hard work in and commit the time required? Well,

the main reason is because they enjoy the challenge of doing things themselves and get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from both undertaking the work and admiring the finished project.

Undoubtedly, there will be other reasons why you would look into self build conservatories as one of your next projects but, hopefully, the above has provided you with sufficient information to wet your appetite.

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