Removing Siding From An Old House The Safe Way


Safety is sometimes forgotten about when working on house projects. There are many dangers that are involved, including falling off roofs, respiratory problems from fiberglass and asbestos, and even different forms of mold. Asbestos removal is required to prevent future health problems but can be dangerous to remove. Asbestos can be found throughout an older home. It was used in shingles, siding, insulation, and even ceiling tiles.

What Should Be Removed?

If the ceiling tiles are in good shape it is best to leave them there. Asbestos is released from broken or damaged pieces which could happen during removal. Insulation should be left undisturbed to keep fibers from being released into the air. Shingles and siding are more likely to be damaged or just wear out due to the elements. Replacing shingles is a very hard job needing specialized tools. This is a job that is best left to a professional.

Removing Siding

Any siding that has asbestos in it will need to be disposed of properly. This will require getting a permit before beginning. Dress with old disposable clothes that will be thrown in with the siding when done. Goggles and respiratory mask will need to be worn during the removal of siding which will also be disposed of. Siding should be taken down carefully, stacked, and watered down to keep dust from being dispersed in the air. Asbestos removal can be done safely by going slow and working careful.

Other Precautions

There will be times that work will be done from a ladder or even off the roof while removing the siding. Ladders should be secure at the proper angle. Do not reach out from a ladder or it could shift the weight and cause it to slide and fall. Always move slow and steady when working from a ladder. Do not try to move the ladder to another position while still on it. Always take the time to be safe when working off ladders.

While On The Roof

Always take extra care when working while on a roof. Losing your balance is easy, the shingles can be slick with loose asphalt, and falling through is a very real possibility. This can result in serious injury as well as cause damage to the house. Always have the proper safety tools while working on a roof and even secure yourself with ropes and a harness if necessary. It might take longer to be safe but it is worth it.

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