Pros and Cons of The Usage of Shade Sails

A device which is used to create outdoor shade based on the basic technology as a ship’s sail, are termed as shade sails. These sails make use of the flexible membrane which is tensioned between the several anchor points. These types of sails are considered to be cheapest and easy to install.  Such types of shades can be seen in grounds, parks etc. They protect you from sun radiations, sunburns and cancers at the same time add beauty to your property. It can be used for both commercial and personal purpose. These are also considered to be environment friendly in nature. Following are few of the advantages and disadvantages of Shade sails.

Advantages of Shade sails

It gives us environmental benefits: We can feel the environmental benefits of sail shade during its production stage as well. These shades are made up of recyclable materials, which in turn reduce the use of raw materials and making it cheaper in cost. Use of shade sails also reduces the use of wooden and other materials which are generally used for construction of house or building. Use of shade sails also reduces the electricity usage thereby saving energy and reducing electricity bills.
It protects from elements: People who are more exposed to sun have more chances of skin diseases and skin cancers. This is due to the strong UV rays which directly come from the sun. In such cases shade sails are considered to be more helpful and protect you from strong sun radiation and keep you healthy.
Provides Ventilation: Due to the shade sails, people are not directly exposed to the sunlight, thereby creating a cool atmosphere with high ventilation. It has been observed that shade sails lowers approx. 10 degree temperature and keeps you cool.
Easy installation: This is considered to be most important feature of the shade sails. This is because shade sails can be easily set up anywhere and can be removed easily without having any harm to the property. While other shades require weeks for installation and once installed it cannot be removed without harming the property.

Disadvantages of Shade Sails

Sagging and Drooping: As the shade sails are made up of low cost raw materials they don’t last longer. Over period of time they start sagging and dropping, the main reason behind this is accumulation of dirt and water, these dirt and water becomes more in weight the gets accumulated in the middle of the shade the shade starts dropping and sagging.
It gets easily destroyed: Though shades are very protective but still they can be easily destroyed by the insects by creating holes in it. Moreover, sails shades don’t have a long period. They are easily destroyed within the use of few months.
Fire Hazard: There are chances that shade sails may catch fire. However, we have come across very rare cases on this. But still these shades are easily prone to fire. Usually while using barbeque under the shades can turn harmful as the sparks from barbeque may cause fire in the shade.
Wobbly of posts and rigging: For installation of shade we require minimum 3 beams or 4 beams where the shade is connected. Over a period of time the poles through which the shades are installed may become weak. It may also happen that due to the strong wind the shades have tendency to blown around by wind. Due to this the rigging loose and pull on the posts or anchor points in the walls. Hence shade sails are not considered as suitable under such weather conditions.

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