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OVO Energy is an energy provider established relatively recently, in 2009. It has seen a boom in its business in the last few years, and with that, a steady increase of calls has come, understandably.

The company is based in the UK. It was founded by Stephen Fitzpatrick. It is widely believed he is the main driving force behind the company’s success – an astute businessman, who knows what clients want even though he does not have an energy background.

OVO is an alternative provider to the main ones on the market. Its savings are reflected in the bills clients get.

Reasons to contact OVO energy

Why should you contact the company and what should you expect when you call?

This company is significantly more progressive in its policies and principles than most of its competitors. Moreover, their staff is friendly and knowledgeable and always ready to help anyone with their questions or issues. They really do want to help and will respond promptly and personally no matter how objectively important or trivial your reason for contacting them is.

Some customers complain that the line is always busy.

As I stated above, this is due to their rising popularity and market success. Yes, you may have some trouble getting through to an Ovo representative. If you think you’ll be wasting your time calling, you can always contact them online. Online assistance may give you the solutions you need, but it won’t be as effective as actually speaking to someone on the phone.

People call for all kinds of reasons – to ask about or report meter readings, to set up an account with Ovo, or to ask questions because they are thinking about changing their provider. Obviously, you need certain information before making this decision. Whatever the reason, the customer service team is sure to offer quick and friendly assistance.

Before the call is over, you’ll have the information you need.

Calls are handled based on their urgency. More specifically, if you are calling for one of the above reasons, you’ll need to wait for more than if you have a gas or electricity emergency. If your call is urgent, the staff will make every effort to help you resolve the issue, working diligently with you over the phone. If, for some reason, it is not possible to solve the problem over the phone, which will happen with an emergency repair, a repair service will be scheduled at your earliest convenience.

The person assisting you over the phone will guarantee that you are completely aware of everything that is going to happen, so you are not left wondering what to do.

One of the most positive aspects of calling the company is the assurance that you are cooperating with a utility provider who genuinely wants to work with their clients. That is why you will never finish a phone call frustrated, upset or confused. You’ll always receive top, efficient and adequate service.

Click on the link above if you have chosen Ovo to be your provider!

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