Make Your Garage Usable Again

Open garage doors often reveal a collection of junk that takes all of the space intended for cars. Accumulating purchases that had a purpose at one time makes it necessary to store them somewhere, and a garage is usually where they land. Many home owners allow garage space to serve as a junk room, making it unavailable for its intended purpose. Warehouse racking provides a way for you to organize a garage, to get everything off the floor and to reclaim a space that is lost.

Start by Removing All Contents

Clearing out the junk in your garage is a major project that requires at least a day, and putting everything back takes even longer. A worthy goal is to improve the appearance of the floor while you have the opportunity. Acid staining is a popular way to treat concrete that you can do yourself with products from your home improvement store. Laminate is another option to consider for transforming the appearance of the garage. Treating the floor can change the way you view your garage as much as a new carpet transforms your living room.

Sorting for Later Use

The removal of everything you have accumulated in your garage is easier if you get the assistance of some friends. You can return the favor when they decide to do the same in their garage when they see how nicely your project turns out. An effective sorting method includes putting all items into one of these groups:

  • sports, recreational and camping
  • automotive supplies and parts
  • lawn and garden
  • tools and hardware
  • household and seasonal

After you complete the sort, start eliminating everything that you do not need. Decide what you can give away, recycle or put on the street for curbside pickup.

Choosing a Way to Put Everything Back

Warehouse racking uses vertical space to greatly increases your storage area. Garages typically have dimensions of at least 20’ x 20’ with walls that are eight feet high. The space that you can access on one wall is 160 feet, probably more than you have in bedrooms inside your house. Walls that have windows or doors provide less space, but there is probably enough room to store everything on the standing shelves that you can install.

Use your sorted stacks to create zones in your shelving system. Holiday decorations that you need only once a year need to occupy the least accessible areas. Smaller items and those that you use frequently can fill the front areas. You can change priority locations as you put the system into practice. Organize your garage with a warehouse racking system for excellent results, and you can open your garage doors with pride.

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