Luxurious Lighting: Ten Dreamy Ideas for Bedrooms

Whether you have always wanted a fairytale bedroom or a modern, chic look, there are lots of ways you can turn the lighting in your bedroom from a necessity to an attention-grabbing feature. The right lighting can create a dreamy atmosphere and make any bedroom look beautiful. Here are some ideas to turn your bedroom into the room of your dreams – an elegant, comforting space to relax after a long day!

1. Mirrored sconces frame your bed.

A sconce on either side of your bed provides soft lighting on demand, and using mirrored sconces reflects the light so each sconce provides twice the brightness. The right sconce style will complement everything else in your decorating scheme.

2. Pendant lights replace lamps.

Most people don’t think about using pendant lights in the bedroom, but they can keep your bedside table free for other things when you use them in place of regular lamps. They catch the eye and draw it down to the bed, which is perfect if you have art hanging higher on the wall and don’t want people to grow distracted by it.

3. Task lighting for specific hobbies.

If you read or write in bed, use floor lamps tucked into the corner near the bed or reading lamps that attach to your headboard or bedside table and have a swinging arm.

4. Vary the height of pendants and ceiling lights.

Ceiling lights, chandeliers, and pendant lights look boring when they’re all at the same height. Hang pendant lights in pairs – one higher, one lower – on each side of your bed for visual appeal.

5. Light screens and tall objects from behind.

Do you have a tall plant, folding screen, or other similar object in your room? Use a fluorescent light to light it up from behind. The light will shine through somewhat diffused and catch attention so the piece of decor doesn’t seem forgotten in a corner.

6. Use rope lighting under elevation changes.

If you have a change in elevation in your bedroom – such as a raised platform area where the bed is located – use rope lighting from a reputable source like that won’t overheat along the underside of the platform.

7. Make sure you use symmetry.

When you’re adding lighting accents, don’t just throw them into a room willy-nilly. Use symmetry to keep the design clean and elegant even if you have unusual combinations of lighting sources.

8. Use one primary light source.

Don’t fall into the trap of having dozens of light sources that need to be turned off and on individually. Use one main light source in your room – whether it’s a recessed ceiling light fixture or chandelier – and make it easy to control with a dimmer.

9. Ensure each light has a purpose.

If you’re mixing up different types of lighting to perform certain tasks, make sure each light has a distinct purpose. For example, accent lights can highlight wall hangings or art, but they can’t add significant reading light unless you have a lot of them!

10. Use white lampshades in dark rooms.

If the rest of your room is painted to be dark – say, it is navy or forest green – use white lampshades to give as much light as possible and coordinate it with white bedding and furniture so your room doesn’t look intimidating.

Implementing even one or two of these lighting ideas will make a big difference in the look of your bedroom. Just be sure not to get overexcited and try them all, as this can take away from the individual effect of each. Keep one style for a little while, then change it for something new and see if you like that better.

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