How to Mix Modern With Traditional Furniture and Pull It Off

Interior decorating is an art; it involves the creation of balance and harmony. Mixing and matching traditional with modern furniture can give your home a sophisticated yet charming look. However, incorporating both styles can result in a house that looks cluttered and poorly designed. With a few tips in mind and a keen eye you can decorate your own house and make it a comfortable and inviting place that you look forward to returning to after a long day at work. Your home should be your own personal space that is cozy and warm. It should reflect your personality and be filled with things that make you happy.

Here are a few different ways in which you can decorate your house beautifully with a mix of traditional and modern furnishings.

Choose a dominant style and incorporate the other style through the use of accessories:

It is wise to design your space as either predominantly traditional or predominantly modern, and fuse the other style into the overall look by incorporating decorative pieces and a tasteful choice of accessories. As per your preference, you could opt for a traditional room with contemporary accessories, or a modern room with antique accents. For example, a primarily modern styled room can be given a traditional vibe by incorporating soft velvet drapes in the room and a country styled sofa slipcovered in vintage Swiss lace patterned sheets. You may favour the sleek silhouettes of modern furnishings or the luxuriant feel of traditional fabric.

Select a pattern, limited colour scheme, similar types of wood pairings and an overall theme:

Decorating your house with a mix of modern and antique furnishings can be a daunting task and the end result could look like a garage sale. In such situations it is better to stick to a unifying pattern and a limited colour scheme for the entire room. For example, a motif that appears throughout the room can save the decor from appearing cluttered. You could also repeat the lines or curves of a favourite armchair throughout the space. Various contrasting colors can make each furniture piece in your room feel alienated. You should try to incorporate the same colors throughout the room in order to bring the room together. Selecting a unique theme like a mountain lodge or a coastal theme can also help in giving a room a semblance of harmony. Consider using similar types of wood while decorating a room. Wood types like cherry, mahogany and oak are formal and blend well when paired together. Other types of wood like bamboo and pine are casual choices and complement each other well.

Use a statement furniture piece or accessory as a focal point:

Pick one big piece of furniture or accessory that stands out in the room as a focal point and subdue the room with the other style. For example, a Renoir painting or a treasured Tiffany table lamp that doesn’t actually fit in with the overall room décor, can be used as a focal point of your room. An Eames lounge chair can bring a fancy edge to your otherwise traditional room. The easiest way to feature a vintage piece of furniture in a room with modern décor is by refurbishing it to gain a more modern look with bright colours and unconventional patterned fabric. For example, an antique armchair can be made to look modern with geometric patterned upholstery and trim in bold red fabric.

Various examples of how you can mix and match modern and traditional decor:

There are unlimited ways in which you can add an old-world charm to your modern styled house or vice versa. For example, you could opt for a series of industrial-style hanging lamps in the kitchen to lend a modern contrast to the vintage candle chandelier that softly lights up the country-style breakfast table. You could also go in for contrasting carpets like putting a geometric printed carpet runner next to a rustic tribal printed ethnic carpet runner, both in hues of brown; and placing them against a wall painted in bright yellow shades. A room with a contemporary look featuring monochromatic neutral shades can be brightened with large paisley throw pillows or floral-patterned area rugs.

Decorating your home is a joy and matter of pride. With a few tips from books, magazines and online articles, you can make your home a beautiful place and the envy of all. Your home doesn’t have to be completely traditional, but neither does it have to be all modern. It can be a mix and match of traditional, ethnic and modern decor. You should tap into your aesthetic sense and make your home your very own special space.

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