How to Install a Wall To Wall Carpet

A carpet will not only enhance the beauty of your home, it will also help to make it look more cozy and warm. It will also provide insulation and make it more comfortable for people to walk around the room. Here is how you can go about installing a wall to wall carpet.

Measure the area of the room

Use a tape measure to measure the length and the width of the room, so that you can buy  the correct carpet size. Add a few extra inches to the measurements you get, so as to leave room for errors and pattern matching.

Clean the floor

Start by cleaning the floor, so that it is clear of dirt, objects and dust. If there was any old carpet in place, remove it completely and remove the underlay. If there are any loose boards, fix them.

Install the tactless strips

Install tactless strips along the perimeter of the room. However, do not install them across entrances. The strips should be half an inch away from  the wall and should face outwards towards the wall. An exposy adhesive or masonry tracks can be used to hold down the strips in place if you are installing the carpet on a concrete subfloor.

Lay down the underpad in strips

Lay out the underpads, such that they lie against each other but they should not overlap. The underpads should reach the tactless strips. Use a staple hammer to  staple the underpad along the inside edges of the tactless strips. Trim off any excess underlay along the inside edge of the strip, such that all the tacks should be left exposed. You can use a bit of glue to hold the pad in place if you are installing on a concrete floor.

Lay out the carpet

Roll out the carpet on the floor. Start out with a piece that covers the entire floor and then trim out the excess bits on the edge using a sharp utility knife.

If the room is wide, roll out additional carpets until the whole room is covered. The additional carpet should overlap the first carpet by four to six inches. Try to match the patterns, so that the areas where the tow carpets overlap won’t be very noticeable.

Join the seams together

Create a seam where the two carpets overlap. Use a sharp utility knife to cut through the edges of both carpets, such that the edges match exactly. Place a piece of seaming tape with the adhesive side facing up  underneath where the two edges meet and activate the adhesive by ironing it using a seaming iron. Press the two seams together, so that they join and then use a carpet roller to seal the seam.

Attach the edge of the carpet to the tactless seams

With the help of a knee kicker, stretch the carpet over the tactless strip, which will grab it and firmly hold it in place.

Trim the carpet

Work your way around the room cutting off any excess carpet or vent openings.

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