How to Improve the Heating Efficiency in Your Home

Saving money is usually not on anyone’s priority list when the cold winter days settle in. But if you noticed your bill was incredibly high last winter, you should definitely look at the heating efficiency in your home. The extra strain on the heating system will not only result in an increased bill but might wreak havoc on the heating system itself. Your heating failing you in the middle of the winter is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Therefore, you should use this season to do some preventive maintenance on your heating system which can help decrease its cost and improve your indoor air quality. In this article, we share XY tips to improve the heating efficiency of your home.

Schedule the Heating

The easiest way to reduce the costs of heating is also the most obvious one: make sure to use your thermostat correctly. If you are still using an old-fashioned thermostat consider switching to a programmable one. Not only are they easier to use, they allow you to set different heating schedules. That way, the heating can be off while you’re out for work or traveling and can switch the heating back on in time for your return. Some thermometers also allow you to remotely turn the heating on or off.

Keep it Low

Cranking the thermostat all the way may be the easiest way to heat your room but it’s neither the best nor the most cost-efficient one. In fact, the Department of Energy strongly encourages homeowners to set the thermostat to 68°F. If you lower the thermostat further 10°F when the outside temperature allows it you could save as much as 10% on your heating bill.

The key is not to turn the heating off completely if you are absent only for a short time. If you do, your home will cool off too much, putting an extra strain on the heating to get the temperature up again.

Insulate Your Home

One of the best ways to battle heat loss is insulating your home, mainly the floors, walls, windows and the roof. If there’s insulation already in place and your home’s still getting cold make sure there are no gaps in the insulation. If there are any air leaks, make sure to seal them up to prevent the cold air from coming in and cooling your home at the same time the heater is on.

Replace the Air Filter

The air filter in your heating system is used to prevent harmful microorganisms, dust, and allergens from invading your home. But when not cleaned or replaced regularly and according to manufacturer’s specifications, it can have the opposite effect. When the filter is dirty, it can disrupt the airflow and significantly hinder your heater’s performance. Therefore, make sure you replace the air filter at least once a month or according to the user manual. If you feel uncomfortable messing with the heating system contact licensed professionals like Action AC. Learn more about their services here:

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