How To Fit A Door

Fitting an internal door is a relatively simple procedure although it will require a little DIY experience and will be considerably easier with two people. The first step is to choose the style of interior door that you want, as well as any fittings such as door handles and the type of hinges that you require. While most doors are a standard size, you may have doors that are larger or smaller than standard, especially if you have limited space.

1. Remove The Old Door – Chip away any paint from over the hinge screws and remove the bottom hinge from your existing door. Finally, remove the top hinge and pull the door away. Ensure that the door is supported when you remove the last screw otherwise it could fall on you.

2. Cutting The Door To Size – If your old door fit well and you didn’t struggle opening or closing it, and there were no gaps, use it as a template for your new door. Otherwise hold the new door against the doorway and determine whether any adjustments are required. Cut the new door to perfectly match the doorway.

3. Prepare The Frame For The Hinges – Hold the new hinges against the old hinge hole. If they do not match, place the bottom of the hinge against the bottom of the recess and mark the top of the hinge before cutting out the excess wood with a chisel and hammer. Use a single screw to fix the hinges in place, rest the door against the hinges, and us a pencil to mark where the hinge holes should be.

4. Fix The Hinges On The Door – Mark holes for the hinge screws in the door and use a chisel to tap out a line around where the hinge will go. Fix one screw per hinge using bradawl to make a starter hole and then screwing the screws the rest of the way.

5. Hang The Door – Place wedges under the door and fix the flaps of the hinge to the recesses in the door frame. Attach a single screw in each hinge and then ensure that the door opens and closes easily. Make adjustments, if necessary; otherwise, finish fixing the door by applying the rest of the screws to the hinges.

6. Paint The Door – Dust the door down and wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth. Apply an undercoat, allow it to dry, and then paint the door ensuring that you go with the grain of the wood to get a smoother and better looking finish.

7. Fit The Door Handle – Choosing the right door handle enables you to finish the design of a room. There are many styles of door handle to choose from, and you should take the time to ensure that you choose the most appropriate. Place the handle against the door and mark the holes with a pencil. Ensure the door handle operates smoothly but that the latch does not open too easily. The door handle should be straight and do make sure that you fix it the right way up.

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