How To Find the Best Quality Windows Your Home

Windows and doors are not just the openings of a home. They don’t only provide a view from the inside to the out. These are parts of a house that showcase the structure’s history and the homeowner’s personality. They are also the basis of the quality and capacity of the house. Moreover, they impact a house’s resale value.  Installing a new set will update the overall look and enhance the architecture. The unique style and statement magnify the appeal of your home.

Both windows and doors use similar materials but are made of different parts. Though the front door is more abused compared to a set of windows, the latter has parts to consider especially during replacement. To find the best quality windows and front door for your home, you must unveil their parts and know how each affects your decision-making.

Parts of a Window

A window has six parts you need to list down and consider:

  1. Frame – It provides the structure of the window.
  2. Cladding – It is also known as the capping which protects the exterior of the window.
  3. Glass
  4. Sash – It is the moving part of a window.
  5. Low-E Coating – “E” stands for emissivity, which is the ability of the material to radiate energy. Reflective materials have high emissivity while dull and dark colored materials have a high emissivity. Low e-coating helps the home maintain its insulation properties against various external temperature and climate.
  6. Grilles – They are horizontal or vertical bars on a window. It can also be a combination of both lines. The lines divide a large sheet of glass into small planes. Some types of grilles are simulated divided lite (SDL), true divided lite (TDL), grilles in the airspace (GIA), and wood removable grilles.

Once you have a rundown of the parts, you can start considering the material, design and window installation. Each house is different so you must be flexible and take into account other factors that appeal to your home experience.

The Best Materials for a High Quality Home Window

When scouting for window style, material is always on top of the list. Study the five materials below to find which best fits your home. Knowing this will help you know if a condo near Makati has the best quality windows.

  • Wood – There are two types of wooden windows – softwood and hardwood. An example of softwood is timber while Oakwood is for hardwood. Both wood materials are best treated and stained or painted to last a long time. Still, hardwood windows are more stable that softwood.

Wooden windows have the best insulation. On the downside, it has the potential to rot, so it isn’t the best choice for humid climate and rainy season. For this reason, it requires more upkeep than aluminum, wood-clad, and vinyl frames.

  • Wood-clad – These windows offer the best of bost worlds as the exterior cladding use aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass while the frame uses wood. These windows combine other materials with wood to become durable and remain low on upkeep. They also have better resistance to environmental elements.
  • PVC or Vinyl – The material is less expensive than other window frame material. Thus, it becomes the practical choice for those on a budget. It is energy efficient as it reduces air leakage when correctly constructed. It also requires the least amount of maintenance. However, you need to replace the rest of the window once it has damage.
  • Aluminum – An aluminum window is the best bet in a rainy and humid environment. Its durability enables a robust load-bearing frame that is available in a wide array of colors. It is low maintainance but doesn’t have the insulation properties of wood.
  • Fibrex – It has the characteristics of wood and the low maintenance of synthetic materials. It won’t crack like vinyl or rot like natural wood. It is ideal for extreme climates as it can withstand temperature changes than most materials.

Identifying your needs and the requirements for a comfortable home helps you decide which window material and design are best for your home. You can choose from aluminum, fibrex, wood, wood-clad and PVC. If you are unsure of your choice, here are a few tips when deciding on the best window for your home.

  1. Sash windows are efficient for a condo or several tiered homes. These windows can be replaced on the inside, so there’s no need to use or scaffolding.
  2. Stained wooden windows are great for contemporary and period-style homes. Meanwhile, hardwood windows are perfect for the barn and country-style homes.
  3. Natural wood costs more than glazed windows. You can get glazed ones at a fraction of the cost when you have it decorated on the site.
  4. Aluminum windows meet coastal building codes in hurricane-prone areas.
  5. Since wood requires frequent replacement than other window materials, ensure that the company or brand offers installation, replacement, and repair.
  6. Double-glazed windows contain two panes of glass. Triple-glazed has another layer of glass. Several glass layers is an advantage for homes experiencing low and below zero temperature. On the downside, it can trap heat and make the room stuffy during summer.

Windows are an essential part of a home. They maintain room temperature, encourage energy cost savings, and increase home value. It is also a demonstration of the home’s quality.  If you wish to install the best quality windows, you must know its parts. Only then can you choose the material for the openings of your home.

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