How to decide on furniture pieces to get under your patio awnings

Thank God for patio awnings, you now can enjoy more time with your family and friends outside whether for dining or recreation. As it gives you shade from the sun during summer or keeps you dry during wet seasons, patio awnings do give you an extra space to enjoy in your house. It’s also then for this reason that patio awnings should not be left bare. What to do? – Add some furniture pieces?

But what are the things to consider to mix and match with your patio awnings? Here’s a list to help you:

  1. The size of your furniture. Matching the size of the furniture with the size of your patio awnings is important for both comfort and functionality. Getting a furniture with a size enormously bigger than your patio awnings would defeat the purpose of staying under the shade and avoiding the harmful UV rays from the sun. Also, make sure to leave a room for everyone to move in under the patio awnings.
  2. Over-all look. Now you don’t have to get a degree on interior design to know that your furniture piece should also match with your house’s overall design; the patio awnings included. If you want to go minimalist, then pick just one or two furniture piece to go under the patio awnings – make sure to get one that’s a bit toned down when it comes to its color or design. You can also experiment with your furniture pieces if you want it to stand out.
  3. Function. Oftentimes we stumble upon the dilemma of form vs function when it comes to the choice of our furniture. But then again, wouldn’t it be good to have a piece that looks good and that functions well, too? Ask the question what purpose would that furniture piece serve? If it does not, then it may just be a waste of precious space under your patio awnings.
  4. Quality. Of course more than the design and look of your furniture piece, it’s important to make sure that it’s made of quality material. Inspect joints and weldings, finishes, cushions, etc. and assess if they can withstand harsh weather conditions and rigor use. Don’t forget that these furniture pieces are to be stored outside despite the patio awnings. Many quality furniture pieces are pricey, but they do last for a long time, which makes it a wise investment.
  5. Maintenance. This is a bit related to quality, but choosing low-maintenance furniture pieces to go under your lawn awnings would allow you to make the most of your stay outdoor. Furniture pieces that require a lot of cleaning, installation, and the likes, would eat much of your time.

Getting patio awnings in your homes is exciting; it’s also exciting to add furniture pieces under it for you to enjoy with. However, like many things, one does not just simply get a piece to place under it. The considerations above can help you decide which ones go best in your outdoor, under your patio awnings especially if you have a narrow home design. Happy shopping!

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