How to Creatively Use Plants in Your Home

If you are looking for a versatile and refreshing way to spruce up your house, consider using indoor plants. There are many different types and colors of plants. This gives you endless possibilities about what you can do to create the kind of décor and ambiance that you want.

  • Use succulent plants creatively in your home. Succulents come in different geographic shapes. They are also available in different colors and textures. You can place them anywhere in your house and they will look good. Succulents are often overlooked when people are considering which plants to put in homes, but now that you know better, you can confidently go for them. The best part is that they are quite easy to maintain.
  • Start a vertical garden by growing your succulent plants upside down. Since the plants do not require a lot of water to survive, you can mist them with water once in a week. This will ensure that water doesn’t drip along the walls and on the floor. Use different types of succulents, so as to create a variety of colors. This is one of the indoor gardening methods that are currently in trend.
  • If you want to create that jungle feel in your room, grow one large plant instead of many small plants. For instance, you can grow a palm tree. It would be a good idea to put a set of wheels on the flower pot, so that you can move the plant around whenever you need to clean. The flower pot having wheels will also make it possible for you to move the plant where the sun is.
  • If you have an empty corner in your house, consider putting the plant there. But you have to make sure that the plant is tall enough to be seen over the furniture. You also have to make sure that if the plant is next to a window, it does not cover the window, as this will stop you from getting enough light into the room.
  • Place the plants on top of your mantel, next to your other decor items. You can use topiaries or other types of small plants. Layer them by planting plants of different sizes. This creates variety and makes the flowers look interesting.
  • Consider planting flowers in your bathrooms as well. This will add beauty, as well as add a sense of nature in the room.
  • If you like spices, consider planting them in your kitchen. You can plant herbs, such as parsley, herbs and coriander. There will be no more need for you to buy spices.


  • When choosing the shapes of vases, go for something creative. You don’t have to use plain vases or containers that the plants come in. Also, consider using vases that are come in different colors.
  • You can also place the plants in different clusters, on several different levels. Use stools and shelves and stands to create different levels.
  • Consider matching your vases or the plants with the rest of your décor. This will create harmony in the room.

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