How to choose the best wood burning stoves

The best wood burning stoves are a great way to provide a contemporary home with a warm and cosy feeling that is also energy efficient.

If you’re considering installing a wood burning stove in your home, what elements should you look at before you make your purchase? They provide a sustainable source of heat and add a stylish feature to any room. Here we help you decide which is the best wood burning stove for your needs.

Why choose one of the best wood burning stoves?

The great benefits of wood burning stoves are that they can offer households both an energy efficient source of heating and a stylish appearance that can be adapted to suit any type of interior décor. There are a variety of styles on the market, ranging from traditional cast iron units through to designer models, which will create a real focal point in any room.

Getting the right heat

The best wood burning stoves are designed to be used as a source of heat in one room and you’ll need to work out an estimate of the level of heat output that you’ll require, based on the cubic area of the room. A heating specialist can work with you to calculate this, so that you choose a stove that will work most efficiently in your space.

Energy efficient heat source

Having a cold house is not just unpleasant, it also contributes towards thousands of deaths every year ( The best wood burning stoves provide an extremely energy efficient way of heating the property, reducing the cost and the degree of wasted energy. They can burn at anything up to 85% efficiency and you can even connect them to your central heating system to lower bills even further.

Features of a stove

When you’re looking at the best wood burning stoves on the market today, you might be surprised by the number of features they have compared to older appliances. This includes both elements to improve efficiency levels, including cleanburn systems, and design improvements to allow stoves to be fitted in a range of properties.

Choosing your fuel

The most effective wood to use for stoves is hardwood, as the higher density means you’ll have a longer lasting fuel that takes up less space. You should ensure that only correctly seasoned wood is used, as otherwise the excess water could produce steam as opposed to heat.

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