How To Choose Best Weed Eater

The first thing people notice when they come near your home is the yard so it is natural that you want to keep it maintained completely. But, you don’t have to pull a heavy lawnmower from the garage every weekend and spend the entire morning pushing the lawnmower all over the yard. I can assure you that there are better solutions to your yard maintenance, especially if you keep it well-groomed at all times. A far better option is using a weed eater which doesn’t require that much space, it is lighter and easier to use than a big lawnmower.

But, just like with every other tool on the market, this one also comes in different shapes, designs, sizes, and types so you should do your research before you go in the local hardware store and buy the first weed eater you can see. I want to share with you things you should consider if you want to get the best weed eater and if you want to be 100% satisfied with the tool. After all, those tools are here to make our chores easier.

How to choose the best weed eater?

The best part about choosing the right weed eater is that you can do everything by yourself. You don’t have to hire professionals and you don’t have to spend money on other people doing what you can do all by yourself. But, before you roll up your sleeves, read the tips and you can be sure that you will know which type of weed eater is the best for your yard.

The weed eater type

There are two main types of weed eaters and their main difference is the power source. You can choose the electric weed eater and the gas weed eater. If you have a well-maintained yard you simply want to keep in shape then you can go with the electric weed eaters, but if you have a yard that is in bad shape or it is filled with some hard-core weeds, then you should consider a gas trimmer because gas trimmers are far more powerful than electric models.

But, the electric trimmer also consists of two types; the corded electric trimmer and the battery operated trimmer. As you can imagine, the battery operated trimmer is more user-friendly because you can walk all around the yard with it, while the corded trimmer is limited with the length of the power cord. That is why I only recommend corded trimmer for people who have small yards and they are sure the cord will allow them to reach every corner.

The battery operated weed eaters are great, but you have to be sure that the battery is full before you start trimming. If you run out of power you can’t continue the work until the battery is charged. A good solution for that is buying a spare battery so you can do the work while the first one is charging.

The weed eater size & design

The size of the weed eater should be adjusted to your height. If you aren’t the only family member who does the trimming, then you have to get a weed trimmer with an adjustable shaft. That type of weed trimmer changes the length of the shaft so you can adjust it to your height or the height of any other family member.

Since I am already talking about the shaft, there is another thing you should know. The shaft can be straight and curved. The straight shaft is a basic model, but the curved shaft is designed so you can easily trim weed in the places that are hard to reach (for example, under the bushes). Think about your yard and choose the shaft accordingly.

Additional weed eater heads

If you have a yard filled with bushes and trees that you should consider ordering a weed trimmer that has the ability to change the head. That means you can use the base of the trimmer and replace the trimmer head with for example brushcutter or any other tool you can find on the market. But, you have to make sure that the weed eater you want has that option and that there are different head types on the market which are compatible with its base. This type of tool has a slightly higher price than other tools without this feature but you will get 2, or even 3 tools in one.

As you can see, you can completely adjust the weed trimmer to your needs and requirements. Now that you know what are the things you can look for you can easily find the best gardening tool for your yard and your garden so they will look amazing all the time. 

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