How to Care for Your Wooden Floors

When you make a sizable investment in the value of your home you want to know how to care that investment. When it comes to investing in your home, there are many ways to do that, but one way that is guaranteed to strike a return for you is to install real wooden floors. Not the “laminate” flooring that is incredibly popular right now. We’re talking real, hardwood flooring that has to be installed by a professional with nails and glue. It’s a big job. But when it’s done, it is something to behold. Real wooden floors make any space look beautiful. And wooden floors with every kind of style. They will never be a style of the past. Here’s how to care for your wooden floors after they have been installed.

The floor installation company will likely tell you how to care for your floors, and you probably have a few ideas of your own of how you will care for your new floors. Some people recommend using a wax, while others recommend using a varnish cleaning product. Some people will say to use just a regular household cleaner, while others still will say they make their own.

It may take some time for you to figure out what will work for you and your floors, but it all boils down to this: keep them free from scratches by putting soft pads on the bottom of your furniture. You can get these pads in the hardware store and they are relatively inexpensive. You can even cut them to fit the bases of your furniture. This also makes it much easier to move your furniture around because the soft pads will just glide over the finished flooring.

Clean your floors with steam. Regardless of what else you use, use a steam cleaner once in awhile to lift the dirt off the floors. Steam is nature’s cleaner. Let it work its magic.

Sweep the floors regularly. Dust will settle on the surface of your floors and if you have any natural light coming in onto your floors at all, you will be able to see this dust pretty easily. Sweep with a cloth broom. Don’t use a bristle broom. Something soft will prevent scratches while bristle brooms can cause scratches.

Clean up any spills right away. Letting food and liquid sit on the surface of your wooden floors for any length of time can break down the varnish and cause them to start to wear sooner than they should.

You should expect to have your wooden floors strippe and revarnished about every ten years. A good floor refinisher will be able to determine how often you need to have it done based on the current state of your flooring. When dealing with wooden floors, it’s important to speak to professionals who know how to care for and improve the life of your lovely floors. Just because wooden floors take a little extra work does not mean they are not worth the trouble – they are definitely worth the effort it takes to maintain them and clean them. Enjoy your new floors!

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