How Technology is Changing Plumbing

Plumbing may not seem to be the most technically advanced of trades – after all, you don’t need a computer to flush a toilet!  But there are ways that technology is changing plumbing alongside new trends in how we live that mean the industry is evolving more than you might think.

Green Living

“Going green” used to be a bit of a fad and a conscious lifestyle choice but with the growing awareness of our impact on the environment, more of us want green living options.  A recent study of hardware retailers showed that 47% of customers were actively seeking environmentally friendly products for their plumbing systems and this means plumbers are required to look at new solutions for old problems.

The good news for plumbers is that technology is there to help.  The dishwasher is a great example; modern versions recycle rinse water and can save as much as 700 gallons of water a year.  Maintenance of this style of dishwasher is a popular job for plumbers.

While here in the UK, sprinkler systems aren’t needed in the way they are around the world, many businesses or homes that use them are considering switching to smart systems that automatically shut off when the water isn’t needed.  Again, installing these can be a popular job for a plumber.

Grey water Usage

Another development from the environmentally friendly way of thinking is the use of grey water (water that runs down the sink or out of the bath).  This can be re-purposed, such as using that water to flush the toilet.  This is a job that very definitely requires the attention of a plumber.  While the systems are still quite expensive at the moment and tend to be a bit complicated, they are growing in popularity and can save homeowners and businesses a lot of money over time.

Healthier Homes

Alongside the importance of green living, more people are searching for ways to ensure their homes are healthier as well as more efficient.  One example is the touchless toilet flush that means there is less chance of transferring germs by touching a toilet flush as a touchless system works without any contact from the hands.

Shower technology is another big advance that increases the luxury of the showering experience and allows people to have a spa-like experience at home.  Plumbers are being asked to install a wider variety of shower styles than ever before.

More Efficient Services

As well as the systems being installed, technology is helping the plumber offer a more efficient service.  GPS fleet tracking technology means that if there is an emergency, the company can quickly locate the nearest plumber and have them with the customer in the shortest possible time.  Late arrival is one of the biggest reasons that customers say they won’t go back to a company and anything that helps create a realistic arrival time and efficient dispatch of personnel can only help alleviate this.


Plumbing remains an industry largely unaffected by the many changes in technology but this looks set to change as the plumbing trade opens up to a new, more technical world.

Declan Small is the Digital Marketing Manager at Plumbmaster, part of the Haldane Fisher merchants group.

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