How Double Glazing Can Cut Your Energy Bills

With energy bills leaping like mad March hares, everyone is looking for ways to reduce the cost of heating their homes this winter without having to resort to wearing a hat, scarf and gloves indoors.

While condensing boilers and insulation may be the current energy efficiency buzzwords, installing new versions of these might be a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. There is no point replacing a central heating system if all that lovely new warmth is escaping through your windows anyway.

When it comes to cold and draught-proofing your home, the most effective approach is multi-pronged. Steps have to be taken all round the house, floor, walls and ceiling, inside and out, but there is an obvious place to start.

All houses lose a certain amount of heat through their windows – up to 20% in some cases. The trick is to make that loss as small and insignificant as possible and this is where simple double glazing proves invaluable.

In addition to keeping your property warmer, double glazing insulates against the cold, keeps out extraneous noise and cuts high energy bills as you will need to use less heating fuel. You’ll also be able to ease your environmental conscience with a smaller carbon footprint than before.

Cold spots and draughts will be less common, as will excessive condensation. Furthermore, double glazing can act as additional security against intruders, thereby improving your home’s security and saleability.

Double glazing is the product of framing two sheets of glass with a gap of about 16mm between them. The gap works as a form of insulation – a thermal barrier that can be filled with certain gases for added effectiveness. Triple-glazed windows work in much the same way.

Double glazing is able to stop heat from passing through the window itself and prevents gaps that can form around the edges of the glass from leaking warm air out and letting cold air in.

Leaky windows can be a particular problem in old or period properties, but double glazing is available in a number of framing options to suit the style of your property and comply with building regulations. There are a number of period properties that are affected by planning regulations and if you are worried your house could be affected, consult your window supplier before purchasing. Double glazing in Leeds can be arranged while respecting all planning regulations.

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