How a chest of drawers can breathe new life into a room

Many consumers in the UK are feeling the financial pinch, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make improvements to your property a this time. Often, simple and inexpensive additions and alterations can make a big difference to the way that rooms look and feel.

For example, introducing a new chest of drawers into a space can dramatically enhance the way it appears. Clutter can be the bane of any interior design scheme, and storage solutions like this play an important role in preventing mess from building up. Being able to store clothes, books and other items in drawers can help ensure rooms remain neat and tidy.

However, the role of drawers isn’t simply practical. These objects can be used to make real style statements too. For the best results, you need to think carefully about your overall design theme. If you are keen to create a traditional space, wooden drawers may be best. Dark timbers like teak and walnut can be used to dramatic effect. Meanwhile, lighter woods such as pine and oak have a softer, more homely appearance.

For a more modern look, MDF with a high-gloss lacquer finish can be perfect. These shiny products have a contemporary elegance and they can look stunning in minimalist spaces. Monochrome design themes are in vogue at present, and so both black and white drawers are proving popular. Another top design trend involves adding a splash of colour to black and white themed spaces using bright drawers. For example, a red chest of drawers can really bring an otherwise neutral room to life.

As well as choosing the right style of drawers, you should think carefully about the size of product you need. If the furniture is too small for its surroundings, it will appear dwarfed and insignificant. On the other hand, drawers that are too large can seem clumsy and intrusive. To help you get an idea of the dimensions, you can create to-scale diagrams of the rooms you have in mind, complete with any furniture. This will help you to visualise the space.

It’s important for homeowners to note that drawers aren’t only for bedrooms. It’s true that they most commonly appear in these spaces, but they can also make a fantastic addition to studies, lounges, dining rooms and even bathrooms. If you do buy drawers for your bath or shower room, you should take care to select versions that can withstand humid environments. This will mean the furniture is able to stand the test of time.

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