Great Ways To Keep Your Household Green Year Round

Most homeowners are looking for ways to keep their bills down throughout the year, and also wish to live a lifestyle that is caring to the environment. Being conscious of your carbon footprint and the effect it has on your environment whilst making changes to your home and lifestyle is a great way to go green and help keep costs down.

Recycle and Reuse

There is no longer an excuse to not recycle with most local councils collecting recycling weekly or fortnightly and with the amount of items that they take being increased to plastics, glass, metals, paper and cardboard.

When sorting your recycling, keep hold of plastic bottles and containers than can be reused to store food or be used in children’s crafts. Plastic containers also make for great temporary plant pots to start seedlings off.

Grow Your Own Veg

Spending time in the garden can be a fun and eco-friendly way of cutting your household costs. Experimenting with growing your own seasonal fruits and vegetables can be a fun hobby that provides some tasty food to incorporate into your daily meals.

If deciding to grow your own, it is useful to do some basic research before starting, so that you know what seasons are best for sowing what plants. Start out with a fruit or vegetable that is relatively easy to grow and have short germination periods, like tomatoes.

Get a Water Filter

If you find yourself purchasing bottled drinking water on a daily basis because you dislike the taste of your local tap water, then you may want to install or purchase a water filter. Purchasing a water filter helps you cut costs, and reduces the amount of plastic you use.

A filtering jug that can be kept in the fridge or on a worktop can be purchased from most supermarkets, but you can also install a filter tap in your kitchen sink. With a filter tap installed next to your normal taps, you can have access to filtered water whenever you want, buying a reusable bottle for when you’re on the go.

Get Insulated

Making sure that your home is properly insulated is a great way to lower your yearly heating bills and make your carbon footprint smaller. Investing in loft and cavity wall insulation is an environmentally friendly way to ensure that your home is kept warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Having insulation put in during the warmer summer months is ideal as installers will need to have access to attic space or lofts, which may allow heat to escape from your property.

Turn Down the Heat

In the height of summer, thinking about your heating system may seem ridiculous, but making small changes now can make for a cheaper, more comfortable winter. When you turn on the heating during the winter months, often the whole house is set to the same temperature via the central thermostat.

By installing central heating radiator valves you can control the temperature of a room via the radiator in the room. Controlling the temperature of a room from individual radiators means that you won’t waste energy unused rooms in your house.

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