Foam Magic: Five Ways to Use Foam in Your House

Your home is not only where you sleep at night, it also reflects your taste and your creativity. Besides a desire to make your home as comfortable and functional as possible, you also want to make it look distinctive. Foam can assist you achieve all these goals. Foam cushions can bring out your creativity in your furnishings while serving a number of valuable practical functions, ranging from cleaning to acoustics.


Foam readily absorbs both water and either soap or detergent. This quality makes foam cushions ideal for cleaning up wet or sticky messes around your house. A few swipes of a foam cushion soaked in water and your favorite cleaning agent make short work of spills around your house as well as crayon markings from tiny artists or mud tracked in from muddy shoes and boots or your pet’s paws.

Furniture Cushions

Foam manufacturers create foam cushions to fit nearly every type of chair, sofa or window seat. Make hard dining room tables more comfortable by adding foam cushions. Create a cozy seating area by placing a foam cushion in a deep windowsill. If your windowsills aren’t wide enough to create a window seat, push a trunk or table against a large picture window and place a foam cushion on top of the trunk or table to mimic the look of a window seat without the expense of hiring builders to create one.

Make-Up Application

Many brushes or applicators that come with makeup products are inferior; others fall apart after only a few uses. Foam cushions provide inexpensive, yet effective make-up applicators. Buy ready made make-up applicators from the store, or cut pieces of foam cushion down to size to create your own custom make-up applicators. Either way, you’ll be pleased by the flawless application of your make-up as well as the natural looking results you can achieve with foam cushions.


Unwanted sound can disturb your sleep at night and distract you from concentrating on your work during the day. Acoustic foam from manufacturers such as Technical Foam Services that is mounted on your walls can provide much welcome relief from outdoor construction and traffic noises or loud sounds generated in your own home by dishwashers or other machines. Acoustic foam installed on your ceiling can deaden the sound of footsteps from your noisy upstairs neighbors.

Acoustic foam can also improve the sound quality of music and television broadcasts in a family room or entertainment center. Your child’s garage band can practice as much as band members desire if your garage has been fitted out with sound absorbing acoustic foam. Acoustic foam can also improve the richness of sound produced by loudspeakers.


Polishing glass surfaces with cloth or paper towels often creates streaks or leaves fibers behind. This is not a problem with foam, which allows you to create a flawless high shine on windshields, headlights, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Foam can be used to apply polish to surfaces or to wipe away residue, leaving your surfaces spotless and sparkling.

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