Easy DIY Winter Ideas For Home Decor Projects

Your house may feel a bit bare without any decorations during winter. To keep up your spirits and the spirits of the rest of the people who live in the house, here are some simple DIY projects that you will help to spruce up your home decor.

Iced Branches

Iced branches will add a bit of sparkle to your home. To make iced branches, get some tree branches, glue and some colorful diamond glass vase fillers.

Spread out a sheet of paper or newspaper on the table.

Pour the glass fillers on the piece of paper

Get the branch and pour glue all over the branches

Roll the branch in the fillers

Let the glue dry for about 45 minutes

Turn the branch on the other side, apply glue and roll on the glass fillers

Leave it to dry.

You can set up this piece of decoration on your porch, vase, mantle or basically anywhere else that you want. The possibilities are endless.

Snow Balls

You can make snowballs and use them for decoration

Get Styrofoam balls in different sizes

Get a piece of string. You will use it to hang the snow balls

Get a wire, which you will use to hang the balls from, while they are on the strings

Get a butter knife, which you will use to spread glue

Snow Tex

Take a ball of Styrofoam and insert a wire on it. Bend the wire at the top, such that it forms a hook. Tie the piece of string around the hooked part of the wire and hang the balls outside. Do this for all the Styrofoam balls.

Now get the balls and use a butter knife to spread the snow tex all around the balls. Make sure that the balls are well covered. You can cover some areas more thickly than others to give the snow ball a more realistic look.

Leave the Styrofoam balls to dry for 24 hours.

Once dried, you can use them to decorate your house as you want.

Snowball Wreath

You will need a Styrofoam wreath, fake snow, different sizes of Styrofoam balls, decoupage medium and decoupage glue, low temp gun and red satin ribbon (optional).

Glue the Styrofoam balls onto one side of the Styrofoam wreath using the low temp gun. You can start with the big balls and then fill in the small spaces with the smaller Styrofoam balls.  Then coat the Styrofoam with a thick layer of decoupage. To give it a more realistic look, coat some areas more thickly than other areas. Then coat the Styrofoam with the snow. Using the red satin ribbon, tie a bow and attach it to the Styrofoam, to brighten it up a little.

Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece

You will need different sizes of pumpkins, fake leaves, and 3 different types of spray paint colors.

Get your pumpkins and put them together. Decide what your color scheme will be and then spray paint the pumpkins and leaves. Arrange them creatively.

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