DIY Wall Art Ideas

Do you have blank walls in your home? There is no need to view that blank space as an eyesore anymore. You can view it as a blank canvas, which you can convert into something creative and fun with these simple DIY ideas. This will help you transform your home into a haven that you and your family will enjoy living in.

Yarn Wall Art

This is a simple project that only needs a small tree branch and some yarn. It will work best if you want to create a rustic look.

To get started, find a twig and hang it on the wall. You can make the twig as long as you want. Then find yarn in different colors, depending on the color variations that you would like. The more colors, the better.  Cut the strings. Make the strings twice as long as you would want them to be. Fold the strings and then pass the end of the string through the loop that is created after you fold the string twice. Pull the string tight. Put another piece of string beside the first one. Pack the strings tightly against each other. Do this until you reach the end of the string, alternating different colors of strings. After you have tied up all the strings, Use a pair of scissors to trim off the ends of the strings to create a symmetrical shape.

Fabric Wall Art

This is a project that can be undertaken in an afternoon or over the weekend.

You need a piece of fabric, which you are going to frame. Make the fabric as big as you want and use any design you want on the fabric. Just make sure that the design goes well with the rest of the design in the house.  You also need 3 frames, scissors, tape and pliers. The frames can be as big or small as you want. Before cutting up the fabric, place it inside the frames, to ensure that you cut the right size, and then cut it up. Then remove the cardboard that is at the back of the frame and then wrap up the fabric on the cardboard. Then slip the cardboard back into the frame. Do this to the two other frames. Hang your wall art wherever you want.

Folded Paper Wall Art

This project involves folding square pieces of paper and then hanging them up in a grid. Just makes sure that the color of paper that you choose matches the rest of the décor in the room.

To work on this project, get a square piece of paper and fold it into half. Open up the square, rotate it to 90 degrees then fold it in half again. The 2 points where the crease of the paper meets is the center of the paper. Now open up the piece of paper and then fold each corner into the center of the paper. Fold a collection of squares then pin them up in rows onto a cardboard. You can use tape to hold the squares in place on the cardboard.

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