DIY Hanging Garden Basket

With the limited landscapes that most homes have, it can be challenging to find space to plant your favorite flowers. But this doesn’t have to be. You can take advantage of a hanging basket to create a welcoming environment in your front porch or backyard. You can even plant some flowers indoors.  This is a great way to combine your garden with your home. Here is how you can get your DIY hanging garden started.

Select a basket

Choose the basket that you would like to use. When making your selection, take into consideration the size of the basket and the material that it is made out of. If you want to plant a lot of plants, then a big basket is a good idea. Hanging baskets are typically made out of wire, steel, terracotta or you can use a wicker basket.

Line the basket

Lining the basket will help to keep the soil moist. And it will prevent compost and the soil from falling out. There are various types of liners that you can use. This includes sphagnum moss, which is the most common. You can also use a coco fiber liner or supa moss or a burlap liner. Make sure to use enough liner, so get a liner that is big enough for your basket. If your basket comes already pre-lined, there will be no need to add a liner.

Add soil

Add a solid layer of soil in the basket. Press the soil against the bottom of the basket as you add it. Ensure that the soil is at least 6 inches above the bottom of the basket by the time you are through adding it.

Add a water reservoir

Adding a drain pipe helps to keep the soil well watered in the basket. Get an 8-10 inch drain pipe and insert it just 4 inches above the bottom of the basket. A few inches of the pipe should remain above the soil. The pipe directs the water to where it is needed most by the plant.

Select what to plant

Choose small plants that will not outgrow the basket. This includes summer bedding plants like petunias and obelia. Young shrubs can work too, trailing tomatoes, strawberries, herbs like thyme and basil.

Make small incisions on the liner before you start planting. The incisions should be made just slightly below the soil level in the basket. When planting, push the roots of the plants through the openings you created and firm them up with the soil. Do this all around the basket.

Now plant more flowers on the top of the basket. You can plant one type of plant or you can use 2-3 varieties of plants in the same basket, depending on your preferences.

Choose your hanging spot

This should be preferably above head level, to prevent people from hitting the basket with their heads as they are moving around or trying to get into the house. Use drill to drill areas where you will insert wall plugs where the basket will hang.

Hang the basket and then water it. Water the plants on a regular basis, at least twice a day.

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