DIY Decorating Tips to Bring Your Old Sofa Back To Life

If your old sofa is looking rugged and worn out and you don’t have the money to buy a new one, don’t throw it out just yet. With a few tips, a bit of money and time, you can spruce up your sofa and get it looking as good as new.

Change your throw pillows

Change your throw pillows if the ones you have are worn out. Instead of having many throw pillows on one chair, consider only using three on a sofa, so that the sofa is not overloaded. Also, change the fabric of the pillows into something brighter and more fun. Going for large prints is a good idea. You can also choose floral designs or patterns. Just make sure that all the throw pillows you are using are the same size.

Swap the legs of your sofa

Instead of having round, short, stumpy legs, change them for square, tapered legs. You can even choose to go for brass legs.

Fluff up your cushions

Fluff up your cushions at least once a week, so that they do not look so tired and worn out. Alternatively, consider feeling them up with foam, so that there shapes holds up better. This will leave the cushions looking firmer and newer. Check if your pillows have a zipper or buttons that you can open up and fill the inside with foam. You can also buy poly-fil at your local department store. You also have the option of using quilt batting. So as to prevent the quilt batting from moving about, use spray adhesive in between each layer of batting.

Fix your back cushions

You can do this by adding buttons to the cushions. This will prevent the fabric from sagging. This will give your sofa a more tailored and modern look.

Fit it with a slip cover

When fitting the slip on the sofa, use a wooden spoon or a spatula to tuck in the fabric into the corners of the sofa, to make sure that it is a tight fit. Using a non slip carpet to pad the seat cushions is a great way of preventing the slip cover from constantly sliding off the chair.

Fix the skirt

Fix the skirt of the sofa by stapling it under the bottom of the chair. This will expose the bottom of the sofa and the legs, giving it a more polished look. This should take you about 20 minutes. Be careful when you are working around the legs to make sure that you get it right.  Alternatively, you can just remove the skirt altogether.

Wash the covers of the pillows and cushions

You will not believe how dirty the covers of pillows and cushions can get. If you have never washed them before, it might just take this simple action to get your sofa looking brand new again. Use the washing machine to clean them and then dry them in the dryer or you can just hang them outside to dry.

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