DIY and Perfect Flooring

DIY. Those three simple words can leave anyone feeling daunted, unless you’re a DIY enthusiast, in which case I envy your passion for such a tricky task. For most of us though, I think I can rightly say ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ is the easiest way out of it; to just keep putting it off until eventually you’ll have the money to splash out and get someone else to do it for you. Am I right?

But, what if I told you DIY could be fun, would you believe me? DIY doesn’t have to be mundane. With the right products, the right help and the right attitude you might just find you have fun fixing up your home and turning it into the Home-Wonderland you’ve been dreaming of.

Flooring. This is possibly the trickiest element of DIY. Trying to find the perfect flooring that doesn’t cost a bomb and then taking it home and trying to fix it down. I don’t know about you, but I’ve often found myself surrounded by pieces of wood that just won’t go together no matter what I do with them. So forget wood, that craze is over. It’s all about the tiles.

The glossy tiles that shine and make your home a more dazzling place to live. Glossy tiles can go anywhere you want from bedrooms to bathrooms; giving you a lot less to worry about. They’re sustainable, durable, long-lasting, hard-wearing, pretty, practical and absolutely stunning. These gorgeous tiles are the ruler of flooring so you won’t be let down by them.

Glossy tiles a part of the Laminate Flooring family, so they have all the durability and stability of laminate flooring but with a whole new look. If you know anything about Laminate flooring, you’ll know that you won’t be stuck in the room for hours on end wondering just how these bits go together. No, with laminate tiles it’s a much easier and different thing. They will click into place using a ‘glueless loc’ installation process. The tiles slide together with each other; so there’s no need for glue, nails or screws, leaving you practically mess free!

Thanks to the ‘glueless loc’ mechanism, you spend a lot less time laying your flooring. Fixing flooring down has become increasingly easier so you don’t have to seek professional help and can save yourself money by just doing it yourself. Nowadays you can just go out or search on the web for any type of flooring you want, buy it and lay it yourself; an incredible new advantage for everyday life. So I really do encourage you to have a go, I know what you’re saying ‘where do I find the time?’ Well the best thing about DIY is you decide when the magic happens and can come back to it at any time. Take a couple of days off work or just do it in the evenings or weekends; you never know it might even help you to unwind and forget your stressful or boring working hours.

Glossy tiles can create a real difference in homes. They’re utterly stunning to look at and their gleam will reflect natural light, making smaller rooms feel larger as they help create the illusion of space. They’re the absolute ideal solution if you’re looking to make your home a little more modern and huge bit more stylish. Tiles are the latest thing on the flooring market and they’re selling fast and come in practically any colour you want; from a snowy white to a dazzling red.

If you’re part of a large family or you have kids and pets running around the place, flooring that lasts can be hard to find. But tile flooring can go anywhere in the home and won’t be easily harmed by stains, water splashes or scratches; making them the ultimate flooring. It doesn’t matter who or what walks around on them as they’re very easy to clean and just a quick polish up will leave them sparkling again. You won’t need to spend a fortune on flooring day in and day out as they can take a huge amount of foot traffic and pressure.

If you want a sleek and sophisticated look in your home but you’re not sure how to get it, why not check Tile Flooring out and see for yourself how incredible they are.

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