Decorate your Dream House with Custom made Wall Decals

No matter how big businessman you are or a painter, a hardcore sports person or a salesman, every one of us has this one common dream in our mind. This dream doesn’t concern your color or region nor your religion. It is I guess universal, it is to have a roof over our head which we can say ours. It is to have our own home, the intensity and needs of the dream differ from person to person like a business man wishes to have a lavish house with crystal Italian marble and a Jacuzzi or a private swimming pool in the bedroom. On the other side a bachelor would wish for a studio pent house with bold colors and a hall that can transform in to a dance hall, a stunning Harley parked in the living room and a view of a sea and a chilled drink kept near the Beach Bench. If a girl is asked for a dream house she would keep a wardrobe space as big as the bedroom with a King size bed in the Bedroom where she can rest as a queen. Everyone has this one dream in their mind to have their own house designed as their dream. Try it out, ask anyone you know and yet haven’t asked this question. It would be fun to know their wish list. And who knows you might get an idea you can use for your dream house.


But we all know that not everyone is fortune enough to live this dream, where most face the problem of the bloodline of our life style i.e. cash. Others face the problem of a clash of the ideas because it is obvious that you share your home with someone, that can be your sister or wife or girlfriend and vice versa. So they also have their dreams of their home and at some place or other, you need to compromise a thing or two. But what if you could design your room or your whole house as your dream that also with an affordable way, it will be like, your home will be the medium to keep you motivated to work harder and walk a step closer towards your perfect house. It will help you live your dream and as it is said, “A dream that is worth living is the one that you watch with open eyes.” We will understand how each of the above dream themes can be used in designing your home with minimal possible cost, but the application is limitless of the thing I am talking about. If you think a little, you can do a lot with it. The medium with which you can live all the above dream is Wall Decals or Wall stickers.

Wall Decals are easy, customizable and affordable. We know a business man cannot keep a masterpiece on the wall painted by Picasso, but how about a beautiful design of art on your wall itself? Not a frame but the whole wall becomes the story. Find the best of art you can and get a sticker out of it and use it look into you r dream. A dream of a bachelor to have a bike and dance floor is too expensive to handle but with a wall decal, it is much easier and attractive. Instead of a Harley in your Living room how about a Wall with one or two Led light and a stunning wall sticker of your Harley? And about the dance floor, the same thing can be done use a led that is recurring and use a wall sticker on the roof that if you switch off the lights emits a radium view to your room. It is the same concept used in discotheques and you can have your won room transformed into a Discotheque. All you need then is a system and some friends to party with. Nowadays girls are not that fairytale princesses who live in their own pinky dream world, a girl of the 21st century is much more than that. They love to have control wishes to be best of what they do. In short, they are not the princess type who just wishes to get ready and show tantrums, they like to get dirty, live their dream and wishes to become a queen of their world. So to keep up that spirit and keep you pumped up, girls can make a personalized sticker which portrays their dream or just their name and a crown on the head that easily tells who you are and what you are made of.

Wall Stickers

Apart from this, there are many other reasons you should have Wall Stickers instead of some wall designs or textures which are both too old fashioned and expensive. The best thing about wall decals is that you can custom make it the way you dream it and the look and feel of the sticker remain the same as that of the design you kept in the soft copy. Considering the geographical conditions of UK, wall decals are durable enough to stay as it is for at least five years when used in outdoor areas and in indoor areas it almost lasts forever. It is easily washable and can be installed in hours where as it takes weeks or months sometimes to perfectly color a wall. It can be easily fixed with no mess created in the house. You don’t need to do house cleaning after getting a wall decal as your interior decoration which also is a common issue when we talk about color and other texture designs on the wall. The attractive part is that it costs almost 20% than that of a full fledge wall renovation. And if you don’t like it you can easily remove it without any troubles or much regrets. So it is like an evolution of the Interior Decoration field and as many cafes and bars are using the Wall Decals, it is equally affordable and attractive inside your house. Live your dream and don’t forget to comment your dream in the comment box.

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