Curtain Ideas To Try Out For Your Living Room

One of the best ways to transform your living room is by trying out new curtain ideas. Apart from the functional role that curtains play, of giving you privacy and blocking out excessive light, curtains can also create a focal point in a room by serving a decorative role. There are so many style variations, colors and patterns to choose from. Here are some curtain ideas that you can try out in your living room.

Color Contrasts

Use curtains whose colors contrast with the colors that are used in the rest of the room. This will work well for living rooms that have different themes, such as a modern theme, vintage or Mediterranean theme. Alternatively, to get a monolithic look, use colors in lighter or darker hues than the colors in the rest of the room.

Light And Breezy

To get an airy and breezy look, go for sheer curtains. There light weight and transparency helps to create a bright and cheerful look in the living room.  They also allow for lots of ventilation.  Of course, this will work well if privacy is not a major concern. Since the curtains are see through, sheer fabric will also do well in warm, sunny weather.


If you live in a cold part of the country or during cold seasons, you can switch your regular curtains with thermal curtains. Thermal curtains help to insulate your house and prevent heat from escaping out. These curtains also help to keep the cold out. Keep the curtains closed and you will manage to insulate your house and keep energy costs down. When spring and summer roll back around, just draw back the curtains and enjoy the warmth.

Spread The Fun

To add a splash of color and spread some cheer in your living room, use curtains with bold prints and patterns. The type of fabric you use will also help to add some texture to the room. Use bright colors and do not hesitate to try out new designs, including geometric colors, vintage designs and retro motifs.

Use Window Valances

Valances will help to give your curtains a classy and elegant look. Valances are draperies that are draped at the top of part of the window. They can be hanged in various ways. This includes being draped like a scarf in a simple way or in a modern and classic style. You also have the option of just using window valances without using curtains. This will work well if privacy is not a key concern and also when you want to allow in a lot of light into the room. Valances serve a more decorative role, so they shouldn’t block out the light when used.

Choosing the wrong curtains can affect the aesthetics of the room and make it dull and dreary. Selecting curtains should not be something that is done on impulse. It should be thoughtfully done, while taking into account the overall décor of the rest of your house.

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