Cool Interior Design Ideas For 2017

If you would like to get the interior of your home or office looking fleek in 2017, consider exploring different interior design ideas. How you design the interior of your home is important since it largely influences your mood and your environment, while it is also a large reflection of your personality. Here are some design ideas that you can adopt for your home in 2017.

Fancy Headboards

One of the newest bedroom trends is using fancy headboards for your bed. These are quite common in celebrity homes and also in most luxury hotel rooms. You can complete this set up with a fancy and velvety duvet. This is a great way to update your bed and add glamour to it. You can use a classic headboard with a neutral color or you can go for a posh one with velvet.

Digital free rooms

With all the screen time that people are spending on their phones, computers and in front of their TVs, there is a gradual shift towards creating spaces that are devoid of any digital influence. This will be reflected in people’s desire to have rooms that are not centered around any electrical device, unless maybe it is something like a heater.

Small spaces

Open plan living is no longer the in thing. What’s in is living in small, warm, cozy places. This helps to encourage human interaction.

Fresh Flowers

As people grow more and more environmentally conscious, there is a desire to bring nature into the workspace and into people’s homes. This will result in more greenery, herbs, plants and flowers being grown indoors. The time of using fake, silk flowers are over, since fresh flowers make for great feng shui.

Vintage pieces will be modernized

Classic furniture and other pieces will be updated using more contemporary materials. This is to make them look more modern, so that they can easily blend in well with 21st century pieces. So, if you have an old armchair or furniture that was passed down to you, do not throw it out but revive its look and put it into good use.

Stain resistant fabrics

More people, especially families with kids are looking for stain resistant fabric. They want elegant designs which are livable in and they can easily clean.  This is because they want to make things more functional in their homes. For instance, you can find a sofa that looks like velvet that has 40 percent polyester, so that it can be easily cleaned when it gets dirty.

Organic meets modern

Organic pieces are being made into contemporary looking pieces. For instance, you can have furniture that are made out of fallen trees, which have not been cut. Each piece that is made is unique and different.

Dull colors are out

Color, color and more color will be the hallmark of 2017. Some of the colors that are fast becoming popular include pink, navy, teal and emerald green. Did I mention pink? Adding pops of color in a room is becoming trendy, while neutral colors are being phased out.

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