Choosing Travertine for Durable and Stylish Flooring

Choosing some new flooring for your home is not always the most simple of tasks. In fact with so many options now available, you may find yourself becoming increasingly confused and frustrated with the choices available to you. We need a floor that is both strong and stylish. One that will withstand a great deal of usage and continue to look as pristine and glorious as it does from the first day it is installed. With these requirements in mind, an increasing amount of home owners are turning to travertine tiling for their homes, and here’s why…


Due to travertine’s natural properties, it provides a very hard surface which is extremely resilient to damage and stains. As a form of limestone, travertine offers a truly unique style and when well maintained, supplies a home with a high quality floor for an extensive number of years. Its water resistant properties make it the ideal surface for kitchens, bathrooms, splash backs and pool rooms as well providing a definite luxurious style.


The real beauty of travertine is that every single tile differs slightly and adds its very own impression to the room that you install it in. Its natural appearance highlights its Roman history whilst also being available in a wide variety of finishes that are both attractive and uniform.

The vast range of tones available allows travertine tiles to fit into the majority of decors perfectly, hence their recent climb in popularity in both modern and contemporary homes.


With the constantly increasing pace of the modern ay life, the last thing we want to be worrying about is maintaining our flooring and keeping it to a high standard. Luckily, travertine doesn’t require this and isn’t as high maintenance as other types of flooring such as carpet or even laminate, with its wipe clean surface and impermeable qualities. A simple sweep and mop is often enough to add a touch of freshness to your flooring should it begin looking slightly worn.

It’s important to bring attention to the fact that acidic cleaning products should always be avoided on travertine tiling due to the stone’s natural chemical composition. By using acidic floor cleaners or chemicals, you may notice that your tile begins to degrade and decompose.

It’s not just travertine that offers such a wide range of finishes in terms of tiling, materials such as ceramics and porcelain also come in a great deal of varieties to suit your requirements. Porcelain in particular is a great example of a tile that can be customised to fit in perfectly with your décor. From stone effect through to wood effect porcelain tiles now available, the choices that are available to us on the flooring market ensure we can create a co-ordinated design in our homes.

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