Carpet or Laminate Flooring; Which Should You Choose?

When it choosing a floor covering for a renovation project, most homeowners who do not have an exorbitant budget look to carpet or laminate flooring as they are both cost less than a lot of other options but still give a great look. The problem then comes down to narrowing down which choice will work best for your renovation.

Carpet works in any location that you or your family wants a quiet space or will be walking around in bare feet since it softens the sound of the hard soles of shoes, as well as staying warmer than a laminate or a hardwood does. This makes it perfect for areas such as bedrooms or home offices where there isn’t a lot of traffic, as laminate stands up much better to heavy use.

Even though carpet is a cheaper option in the short-term, meaning if you are thinking of selling within a few years, it may be the better choice, laminate will last longer nearly anywhere you install it. This is also nice because it makes more sense to use it in a lot of areas where carpet shouldn’t be used. Though, if the floor is uneven you will need to address that before installing laminate, and even if the floor is levelled properly, the laminate may still have a bouncy feeling because it is a floating floor system.

Laminate is a lot easier to clean in most cases than carpet is, and it generally won’t stain if something is spilled on it as long as it is wiped up right away because standing liquid on laminate can cause irreversible damage. It doesn’t hold onto dirt as much as carpet, though some fine particles can make their way into the cracks between the pieces, it doesn’t hold allergens or have possible mold problems that carpets exposed to moisture can develop over time.

As with most things, carpet and laminate will work better in different areas, but it comes down to what you want and need. For more information about both types of flooring we would recommend the following resource:

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