Buy your own Holiday Home in Spain from £3,500

Most people dream of owning a luxury second home in the sun! Imagine lazing away hot sunny days by the pool overlooking the ocean or sitting on your own private balcony, sipping a gin & tonic, watching the sun slip slowly into sea.  My Share Property provides you with this opportunity, allowing you to buy your own piece of heaven on Spain’s Costa Blanca for less than the cost of an average family holiday.  “How is this possible?” you may ask…

My Share Property allows you the opportunity to part own a luxury holiday home in Spain. Each person owns a share or number of shares of the freehold property. It is a no fuss way to own a luxurious holiday home, offering you the high standard you require, yet eliminating the cost and hassle associated with owning and maintaining a property all year round. 

Let’s be realistic – how many weeks would you really utilise if you were to buy a holiday home outright? Two, three, four weeks? Let’s say you go mad and spend two months at your holiday home. What happens with the other 10 months? And all that money tied up!

Yes, you could rent it out to holidaymakers but the reality is the preparation required for each rental.  That’s cleaning, changing beds, key hand overs as well as repairing any damages that have been caused by your guests. There are also the other costs to consider – utilities, insurances, decoration, maintenance and upkeep. The list goes on.

The average family holiday these days cost between £3,500 to £5,000 plus. Once you have had your two weeks, that’s it! A few memories, photos and a bit of a purge on Facebook or Instagram.

So what if we could show you the perfect scenario? What if you could spend a week every year, in a luxuriously appointed home from home, for less than the cost of an average holiday – for the rest of your life?

For as little as £3,500 you could buy one freehold share, which equates to one week every year for the rest of your life.

There’s no catch – you will own a part of that freehold.

The upside to your investment is that you have a holiday home you part own with the other freeholders – it’s yours!!

Research shows most holiday homeowners only use their property for a maximum of 40 nights per year, yet they pay for 365. My Share Property enables owners to enjoy week(s) per year but only pay a small percentage of what it costs to own outright!

Once you have bought your share it is yours forever (in perpetuity) so is a part of your estate but can be sold on the open market at any time should you choose.  You can use your home for your own use or potentially receive a return on your investment in the form of holiday rental income.

When you invest in My Share Property, your luxury property will be fully furnished, fully serviced and fully managed on your behalf.  All you have to do is turn up, unpack and enjoy your precious time off in your very own holiday home in the sun!!

MY SHARE PROPERTY gives you the opportunity to buy a week (or weeks) in luxury homes on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

The properties are unencumbered with no loans or debts and are owned by a UK Limited Company.  Each property is set up as a separate UK Limited Company, having 52 shares (one share per week of the year). You, the buyer, can buy one share (week) or more.  You can choose to use your week(s) or rent out your week(s) or swap it/them with other shareholders.

The share(s) you buy can be sold at any time should you no longer wish to own a share in your chosen property.  The shares can be included in your estate.

Once you have bought your share, the only other cost you will incur is the monthly property management fee, which covers maintenance, bills, changeovers and any other outgoings. 

Is this a timeshare? 

No, this is not timeshare. Timeshare is a holiday system that gives owners only a right to use a particular property for a time of year. Timeshare has no real estate value, in other words, there is no bricks and mortar ownership.

With MY SHARE PROPERTY ownership, the buyer actual owns a piece of equity (share) in the property. If the property goes up in value, the owner’s share of the pie also becomes more valuable. With a timeshare, ownership is not distributed. The owner purchases only weeks or months of enjoyment in a property, and these weeks or months do not rise and fall in value with the value of the property. The title of the property is still owned by the principal owner.   High class escorts cologne,

That is the big difference with MY SHARE PROPERTY you own a share of the property. 

Find out more at  Prices start from as little as £3,500.

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