Benefits of Slimline UPVC Windows

Slimline UPVC windows are available in a wide range of colors and styles to suit any home. The Slimline is one of the more popular UPVC products, which comes in designs that look great with any period of property. As the name suggests, Slimline UPVC windows are very slender and feature a lower proportion of frame to glass. This is a great functionality that enables the penetration of more natural light into the home through the increase of the area of glass in your window. In some instances, it is possible to achieve up to 12% more glass material with like-for-like designs, over many other leading brands of UPVC windows.

Energy Efficient

Windows account for up to 30% of the total heat loss, not forgetting the energy fuel costs that are ever increasing. It is therefore important to select an energy-efficient double glazed window for your home. Sheerwater Glass Centre offers the Slimline window which is very efficient in comparison to other leading double glazed brands. The minimum “Window Energy Rating” (WER) requirement for all windows is currently a ‘C’, in accordance with the concerned legislation. At the very least, all professional window installers should comply with this requirement.

However, what many people do not know is that every WER rating (A, B & C) comes with varying degrees of standards. These variances have been highlighted by the testing authorities that provide the Energy Index to tested windows. The higher the Energy Index number, the higher the efficiency of the window in retaining heat that is generated. The Slimline has passed vigorous testing by ‘BFRC’, which awarded the window an Energy Index of +11. This is proof of the energy efficiency of the Slimline window in comparison to other leading brands.


Security is vital for the safety of every homeowner and their family. It is for this reason that Slimline windows are fitted with Trojan multi-point, shoot bolt locking mechanisms. This locking mechanism achieved a BS7950 status. Slimline windows are also fitted with security glazing that prevents the intact removal of glass units. Another standard feature of this product is its hinge protection. While nothing is impregnable, Slimline windows have to date foiled all forced entry attempts – with the exception of glass breakage.

Slimline UPVC windows have proven to be a popular product amongst homeowners due to their low proportion of frame to glass, as well as their remarkable slender properties. In addition to being elegantly styled, the Slimline is security tight, energy efficient and easy to maintain. With the Slimline range, you will be able to introduce a desired element of panache into your home with a product that is not only functional, but looks spectacular as well.

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