Bathroom Planning: A Fun Challenge

Is it high time you updated your bathroom look? Are you still sporting outdated décor and desire a more contemporary appearance? Perhaps you’re craving a bigger bath tub or shower enclosure, or are desperate for more room to manoeuvre in your bathroom? Or maybe you simply just fancy a change, and are keen to enhance both the style and practicality of your space. No matter what you’re hoping to achieve with your remodel, bathroom planning always promises to prove a fun challenge. When you think about it, you spend a great deal of time in your bathroom, so it is well worth being meticulous in plotting your project, and choosing a design that is suited to your exact preferences and requirements. As part of your bathroom solutions, you’ll need to have an idea of the amount of space you have to work within, which fixtures and how many of them you wish to add, and the overall budget you are looking to adhere to. Whether the bathroom space is to remain as it is in terms of size, or is being enhanced, it is advisable to take all measurements and cross-examine them with local contractors to gain a pricing estimate. Following the completion of the planning stage, your bathroom renovation can commence.

Making the most of your Bathroom Space

As you begin the bathroom planning process, it is of paramount importance to work out how much space is required to bring your vision to fruition. For example, if the perfect shower system and enclosure you’ve had your eye on for months won’t quite fit into the space as it is, an extension may be required – this can be carried out via the removal of a wall or similar means. Of course, you’ll need to consider the added strain such a development would place on your budget, and factor this in accordingly. You also need to decide whether or not your property features adequate room to house a worthy extension before committing. For instance, a large back yard would provide the perfect foundation for a downstairs bathroom extension, but more compact upstairs spaces could prove a threat to the progression of your remodelling process.

Planning to populate your new Bathroom

Once you’ve identified the amount of space you have to work within, you can begin to source your ideal fixtures, from toilets to bath tubs, sinks, shower systems, radiators and anything else you’d like to feature in your updated bathroom. You can also decide on the overall theme or style of your refreshed space, and it is best to be consistent in this sense; for example, don’t opt for a modern bath tub if your surrounding décor and other components are more traditional. Don’t be afraid to experiment, however, and ultimately, enjoy yourself! Bathroom planning is certainly challenging, but fun too, and it’s an incredibly satisfying experience to see your vision fully materialise. If you’re looking to keep the cost of your bathroom refurbishment down, CheapSuites offer a brilliant range of discount bathroom suites that don’t compromise at all in terms of looks or internal quality.

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