Prevention is definitely better than cure. However, most of us seem to enjoy curing things that could easily have been prevented.  Yes, carpet stains can indeed be prevented though it is somewhat harder than rocket science in some households. To be able to prevent carpet stains one needs to understand and evaluate the sources of carpet stains. The most common source of carpet stains is food followed by mud and finally other sources such as office activities such as ink.

Food can be either human food or pet food. For human food, the source of stain can either be a beverage or a solid food. The most effective way of preventing food from staining carpet s is by handling the food with care. This method is not totally efficient but very reliable. Where children are involved, it is good to train them to place food on surfaces instead of the carpet or to feed them in one position. This prevents them from spreading bits of food in the rest of the house. The surfaces used should be stable. Spills on these surfaces should be cleaned immediately after they have occurred. Pet food should be handled with care and if possible, pets should also be trained on how to eat food without spilling it and from one position. Carpets can also be rolled out during events such as parties where spills are most likely to occur. This is tedious but very effective.

Preventing mud stains is easy and commonly done in most households. The most common method is by using door rugs. Rugs can be classified as carpets with the only difference being in their size. Rugs are relatively smaller than carpets. Door mats or rugs are able to drench of mud coming from the outdoors perfectly. Another method of preventing mud stains is by leaving muddy shoes or clothes outside the house. This works perfectly well for home environments and poorly for work environments. Carpet colour should be considered especially for rooms leading out to places such as gardens or other areas with a lot of mud. Dull colors will hide the mud stain while bright colors will be easily destroyed by mud. Dark colors are also easier to clean.

Stains from other sources are simple to prevent and do not involve any special kind of remedies. Controlling the source of the stain is the most important thing. For example, ink spillage can be prevented by using ink on surfaces that are stable and being careful. Urine stains are common in households where there are babies. If the baby is to stay without being in a diaper, water proof towels can be placed on the carpet for the baby to sit on.  Just like any other types of stains, these stains are very predictable rendering them easy to prevent.

Cure or correction is always harder than prevention. Taking this into account, it is thus better to prevent stains than clean them. Carpet stain prevention is very easy and manageable and takes just a little effort and care.

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