A Guide to Roller Blinds

Blinds offer great versatility while providing many useful functions for a home. Better still, there’s endless options when it comes to styles, colours, and textures, not to mention the fact that blinds are very cost-effective.

Whether you need blinds to keep out the sun and offer some privacy or want to enhance the décor of a room, there’s many reasons to invest in a new set of blinds. Knowing what you want to gain from a set of blinds should make choosing them that bit easier, as there are many different options out there.

Roller blinds are perhaps the most common and popular style of blind available, known for being very affordable and practical. With a variety of lengths, sizes, and styles available, they are among the most versatile blinds available, hence their continued popularity.

What are Roller Blinds?
Roller blinds are operated via a beaded side controls or a spring mechanism depending on the type. They feature a large piece of specially treated material that can prevent the light getting through and offer plenty of privacy when in use.

They hang low and cover the window when in use, but can be easily retracted to any length, allowing them to cover any desired length of the window.

The fabric used in roller blinds is available in countless materials, colours, textures, and patterns, making them one of the most versatile kinds of blinds in terms of style options.

Roller Blinds Style Options
There’s no shortage of options when it comes to roller blinds. Many fabrics can be used to achieve a ‘daylight’ or ‘blackout’ style of roller blind.

Daylight options allow more natural light to come through while blackout lights to the opposite, both of which are achieved by using certain fabrics of a certain thickness.

Roller blinds tend to come in either plain or pattern designs, and with a huge selection of styles available for both, there’s truly a style of roller blind for every home. In fact, we would guess that roller blinds offer the most diverse selections of styles of any blinds out there!

Benefits of Roller Blinds
One of the most recognisable benefits of roller blinds is their price. As they are available in most standard window sizes, they are the cheapest type of blind you can purchase, which is certainly fantastic for those operating on a budget.
Moreover, roller blinds are simple to install. As soon as you buy them you can take the home and install them in your home with relative ease – simple attach the brackets above the window frame and connect it to the blinds.

As previously mentioned, you can get roller blinds in almost any style imaginable. This can be great for finding blinds that match the décor of the room they are being installed in. Many materials, patterns, colours and textures are all available, so finding that perfect set of blinds shouldn’t be too difficult!

They are also easy to custom-make should you require more specific measurements to match a window, truly making them the most versatile blinds that money can buy.

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