7 Advantages & Disadvantages of Concrete Block Homes

Every person dreams of having a place to call it their own home. Almost everyone has a plan to build their home in their way.

Building materials like bricks, timber structures are a conventional way of construction. However, people are considering building their houses by using concrete blocks.

A sturdy structure is a primary thing that is required when building a house. The structure can be made effective and in a short time by using concrete blocks.

Architects and engineers believe that traditional construction methods, such as bricks or woods, can cause respiratory infections and immune system disorders. Whereas, using concrete block molds in case of buildings is a healthy choice.

A practical and low-maintenance choice of building one’s home would be using concrete blocks. However, as said earlier, building a house is like a dream coming true. That’s why one needs to consider the pros and cons of concrete block homes.

This article is about the top seven advantages and disadvantages of buildings made with concrete blocks.


Low maintenance

Constant exposure in moisture can leadto structural damage to houses. Plus, pests like termites and rodents can come through materials like wood, which is enough to destroy the construction.

However, concrete block homes can resist pests to save the mainframe of one’s house. This material is popular in those areas that have high precipitation throughout the year. Besides, fungi like molds and mildews tend to grow in the wet wooden frame, which can never happen in the case of concrete.

Resisting strong wind

Those places which are prone to strong winds can choose a concrete block to construct their home. The material has the capability to resist intense hurricane and tropical storms.

Although, in order to prevent such strong wind, the owner of the house needs to maintain the concrete structure well. However, maintenance requires minimal effort. Getting proper molds for concrete is one of the essential things to do while constructing a building or any property.

With proper maintenance, a building made by concrete blocks can last for centuries.

Resisting Fire Naturally

It is needless to say that wooden structures or buildings are not fire-resistance at all as cement is not flammable, so buildings made with concrete can naturally resist fire.

People living in areas that experience wildfires prefer their houses made of concrete blocks. Though wooden components of the house (roof, window frames) might get blazed still the structure won’t get damaged.

Reducing Energy Usage

If you wish to cut down the expense of energy use, concrete buildings are the solution. Buildings made with concrete are actually environment friendly as it has solid insulation. So, neither warm nor cold air can escape the structure easily. This means if you are using an air conditioner or heater in your house, you can save up to 20% on your heating or cooling bills.


About 75% of outside noise can get blocked if a building is made of concrete blocks. The multiple layers of concrete can create a quiet environment for you naturally. So, choosing concrete as the primary building material can be very useful if one is living in a dense urban location or near any commercial airport.


High Expense

The cost of concrete is not constant; it fluctuates depending on different regions. However, wood or other conventional materials are less expensive than concrete blocks. In some regions, drywall or wooden frames are three times less costly than concrete.

Though, the extra amount can get recovered because the energy use is much less when the home is made of concrete blocks.

Don’t look appealing.

The homes built with concrete blocks look dull and grey and are not pleasing to the eyes. A layer of paint can only be applied if the structure gets an extra layer of cement before. This means one needs to spend some additional amount.

Moreover, the blocks need to get cut if some plumbing and wiring problems need to get solved.

Wrap Up

In order to get mostly the advantages of concrete block homes, Betonblock can be the solution. To make a fine structure, the concrete molds have to be good. Betonblock molds vary in different shapes and sizes, which provides excellent workability. Moreover, the investment cost is not so high so that it can be cost-effective.

If you wish to have an eco-friendly approach to your living arrangements, homes made of concrete blocks make sense.

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